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Guillaume Futhazar

Senior Research Fellow

Main Fields of Research

International Governance, International Environmental Law, Interactions between Science and Law, Biological Diversity

Academic Career

Since 06/2018: Senior Research Fellow at the MPIL

2013-2018: Ph.D. Candidate in Public Law at the CERIC (Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires) / Aix-Marseille University

Research title: "The modalities of influence of the IPBES on the evolution of international environmental law in the Mediterranean"

Research under the supervision of Sandrine Maljean Dubois and Wolfgang Cramer

2011-2013: Master in International and European Environmental Law / Aix-Marseille Univeristy (A-Midex Excellency Label)

2008-2011: Law degree / University of Reunion Island - Aix-Marseille University

Aktuelle Publikationen

  • Biodiversity, Species Protection, and Animal Welfare Under International Law. In: MPIL Research Paper Series 22, 1-13 (2018). or htt...
  • The IPBES, biodiversity and the law: design, functioning and perspectives of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. In: Routledge Handbook of Biodiversity and the Law, Charles MacManis, Burton Ong (Hrsg.). Routledge, London 2017, 395-407 (zusammen mit Denis Pesche, Sandrine Maljean-Dubois).
  • Better expertise through institutional linkages The case of the Mediterranean basin. In: The Effectiveness of Environmental Law, Sandrine Maljean-Dubois (Hrsg.). Intersentia, Cambridge 2017, 101-124.
  • La circulation des normes comme outil de l’effectivité: le cas de la CITES, de la CDB et du fond pour l’environnement mondial. In: Circulations de normes et réseaux d’acteurs dans la gouvernance internationale de l’environnement. Confluence des Droits, Aix-en-Provence 2017, 95-116.
  • From climate to biodiversity: Procedural transcriptions and innovations within the IPBES in light of the IPCC’s practice. In: The IPBES: Meeting the Challenge of Biodiversity Conservation and Governance, Marie Hrabanski, Denis Pesche (Hrsg.). Routledge, London 2016, 78-101.
  • The diffusion of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and its Aichi Biodiversity Targets. In: Yearbook of International Environmental Law 25, 133-166 (2015).

Weitere Publikationen

Teilnahme an Tagungen im In- und Ausland

"A lawyer’s perspective on the IPBES: Law and STS as analytical and normative tools", presentation at the Annual meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science, Boston, 30.08.2017 - 02.09.2017

"Changement climatique global, crise requin locale Gestion juridique de la maladaptation aux risques naturels nouveaux", presentation at the OMERAD Conference "L’adaptation aux changements climatiques « de bas en haut » : quelles traductions juridiques à la Réunion" ?, Université de la Réunion, 14.11.2016 - 15.11.2016

"Science and law in the environmental governance of the Mediterranean basin", presentation at the Third European Environmental Law Forum Conference, Aix-en-Provence, 02.09.2015 - 04.08.2015

Wissenschaftliche Auszeichnungen

Ph. D research financed by the "Labex OT-Med", a federation of research laboratories selected by the french government in the context of the program "Investissements d'Avenir" (


Member of the World Commission on Environmental Law / Early Career Group (IUCN)