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J. Christina Gille


I. International Law and Municipal Law
II. International Treaties
1. Further Development and Amendment
2. Protection of Intellectual Property
III. Effects and Limits of State Sovereignty
1. Limits as to the Exercise of Jurisdiction
a) State Immunity
b) Jurisdiction of German Courts
c) Application of German Law
2. Recognition of Foreign Sovereign Acts
IV. Nationality
1. Acquisition of Nationality
2. Loss of Nationality
3. Multiple Nationality
4. Statelessness
V. Legal Status of Persons with German Ethnic Origin
VI. Legal Status of Foreigners
1. General Aspects f Entry and Residence
2. Expulsion and Deportation
3. Consular Law
VII. Asylum Law
1. Political Persecution
2. Alternative Internal Refuge in the State of Persecution
3. Family Members of Refugees
4. Procedural Questions
VIII. Extradition and other Forms of International Legal Cooperation
1. Extradition
2. International Legal Cooperation
IX. International Protection of Human Rights
1. European Convention on Human Rights
a) Prohibition of Torture (Art. 3 ECHR) as Obstacle to Deportation
b) Right to Liberty and Security (Art. 5 ECHR)
c) Tight to a Fair Trial (Art. 6 para. 1 ECHR)
d) Right to Respect for Private and Family Life (Art. 8 ECHR)
e) Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion (Art. 9 ECHR)
f) Freedom of Expression; Freedom of Assembly and Association (Art. 10 and 11 ECHR)
g) Protection of Property (Art. 1 First Additional Protocol to the ECHR)
h) Procedural Questions
2. European Charter for Regional of Minority Languages
3. International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; European Social Charter
4. Convention on the Rights of the Child
5. Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
X. International Organizations
1. Protection of Emblems
2. Implementation of Acts of International Organizations
XI. Transfer of Sovereign Powers to International Organizations
XII. European Communities
1. Community Law and Municipal Law
2. Free Movement of Goods
3. Free Movements of Workers
4. Freedom of Establishment
5. Freedom of Services
6. Association Agreement EEC - Turkey
7. Reference Procedure
XIII. Legal Status of Germany after 1945 and Reunification of Germany
1. Compensation for Damages Caused by the Nationl-Socialist Regime
a) Lump Sum Agreements
b) Political Persecution
c) Forced and Eastern Labourers
2. Reunification
a) State Succession
b) Criminal Matters
c) Activities for the Ministry of State Security
d) Settlement of Property-Related Questions