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Law and Development

Law&development discussion group brown-bag lunch: Global justice and development in contemporary political theory with Julian Culp (Goethe University, Frankfurt / Main)


May 12, 12am-1.30pm
MPFPR (Bergheimer Straße 139–151)

Julian Culp ( will join us as our speaker from the MPIL-associated "Normative Orders" Cluster of Excellence at Goethe University Frankfurt / Main. Julian will introduce us to the current discourses on "Global Justice and Development" in political theory. His talk will be based on his monograph under the same title, published with Palgrave Macmillan in 2014 ( Please also find his short bio below for further background information. His talk will be followed by an inclusive discussion that tries to connect Julian’s argument to the rule of law, and maybe even concrete practice projects.

Short bio of Julian Culp:
Dr Julian Culp works as Research Associate within the Leibniz Research Group “Transnational Justice” at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. As Postdoctoral Fellow he has done research and taught at the Centre for Ethics of the University of Toronto and the Hoover Chair for Social and Economic Ethics of the University of Louvain. He is a philosopher and political theorist with research and teaching interests in normative problems of education, justice and development. He is the author of Global Justice and Development (Basingstoke/New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) and works currently on a monograph on Transnational Democratic Education. His articles have appeared in The Journal of Global Ethics, Third World Quarterly, and The European Journal of Political Theory. He also serves as co-editor of Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric (