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13 February 2019 

Andreas Orator currently Max Planck Grantee, held a presentation entitled "EU Constitutional Development since the Treaty of Lisbon: From Revision to Change?"

Irini Papanicolopulu (Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Milano-Bicocca Italy) followed with her presentation "The Past and Present of the Duty to Rescue at Sea"

28 November 2018

Tamas Dezso Ziegler (Eötvös Loránd University/ Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, both in Hungary) hold a presentation entitled Fundamental Rights in the Higher Education Within the EU: Why the Market is a Bad Reference Point. 

Douglas Howland (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). His talk wa entitled "Sovereign Claims and Possessions – The Beginnings of the Territorial State".

23 August 2018

Cosimo Gabbani (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies) presented on "Ineffectiveness of Administrative Punishments: Legal Consequences Under a MultiLevel Perspective"
Francesca Iurlaro (European University Institute) held a presentation on "Unpuzzling Customary International Law (CIL): the “Invention” of Customary Law of Nations from Francisco de Vitoria to Emer de Vattel"

5 July 2018

Amineh Farasatmand (Faculty of Law and Political Science/University of Tehran) presented on "Can Proportionality Make a Balance Between Interests of Foreign Investors and Hosting States?"
Jenny Poon (Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario, Canada) gave a presentation on "Dynamism of Non-Refoulement Through Time: Relevance for Future International Protection?"

26 April 2018 Prof. B.S. Chimni gave a presentation on "Capitalism and Jurisdiction in International Law: A Conspectus of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Over Time."

5 April 2018 Diego Bonetto, Sciences Po Law School, Paris/University of Turin presented on "What is in the Bottle? An Analysis of Water Distribution, Scarcity, and Commodification".

22 March 2018 At the joint session of Theory Talks-Agora Prof. B.S. Chimni provided a short introduction to TWAIL based, among others, on his own article.

22 February 2018 Sebastian M. Spitra, University Vienna followed by Germán M. Teruel Lonzano, University Murcia (Spain) gave the following presentations:

17 January 2018 Volkan Aslan (Istanbul University, Turkey) followed by Frauke Renz (University of Bern, Switzerland) held their presentations:

14 December 2017 Kubo Mačák (University of Exeter, United Kingdom) presented on the topic "Old Wine, New Bottles? Challenges for the Application of the Law of Targeting in Cyberspace and Outer Space".

16 November 2017 Lori Damrosch (Columbia Law School, New York) followed by Rebecca E. Khan (Central European University, Budapest) gave their presentations.

On 11 October, 2017 Professor Giulio Napolitano (University of Roma Tre) held a presentation on "The Transformations of Comparative Administrative Law".

09 August 2017 Ji Hua from Peking University, talked about "Common but Differentiated Responsibilities in the Paris Agreement: Meanings, Approaches and Implications".

20 July 2017 Viktoriia Lapa followed by José Gustavo Prieto Muñoz gave their presentations.

21 June 2017 Nesa Zimmermann addressed the notion of vulnerability invoked by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) throughout several cases.

23 May 2017 Ilja Richard Pavone presented on the topic "Towards a EU Animal Welfare Law? Animal Testing in the Context of the European Union: Reflections on the Directive 2010/63/EU and Its Transposition in Germany and in Italy".

20 April 2017 Juan Herrera presented on the topic “The Right of Cultural Minorities to Binding Consent: A Case Study of Judicial Dialogue in the Framework of a Ius Constitutionale Commune en América Latina”.

23 March 2017 Leiry Cornejo Chávez presented on the topic