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Peters, Anne: Animals matter in International Law and International Law matters for Animals: Introduction to Symposium on Global Animal Law In: AJIL Unbound, 2017.

Krenn, Christoph: The European Court of Justice's Financial Accountability. How the European Parliament Incites and Monitors Judicial Reform through the Budgetary Process. In: European Constitutional Law Review 13, 453-474 (2017).

Stucki, Saskia: (Certified) Humane Violence? Animal Welfare Labels, the Ambivalence of Humanizing the Inhumane, and What International Humanitarian Law Has to Do with It. In: AJIL Unbound 111, 277-281 (2017).

Paris, Davide: Sui bandi di concorso per medici non obiettori: portata dell’obiezione. In: Quaderni costituzionali 37/2, 353-357 (2017).

Starski, Paulina: Zurechnungsfragen bei multinationalen militärischen Einsätzen/Multinational Military Operations and Questions of Attribution. In: MPIL Research Paper Series 18, 1-31 (2017).

Dellavalle, Sergio: Responsibility and Rights In: MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017/14, 2017.

Goldmann, Matthias: Freihandelsabkommen und Steuergerechtigkeit: eine menschenrechtliche Perspektive. In: MenschenRechtsMagazin 21, 115-128 (2017).

Kunz, Raffaela: “You learn a lot from your teachers but mostly from your students”. An Interview with Joseph H. H. Weiler In: Völkerrechtsblog, 2017 (with Dana Schmalz).

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