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You are here: Publications Archive Völkerrechtliche Praxis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1993

Völkerrechtliche Praxis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland im Jahre 1993

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Christian Walter


I. Sources of International Law, Basic Principles of International Relations
II. Foreign Relations Power and the German Länder
III. States and Governments
IV. State Territory and Boundaries
V. Law of the Sea and of Waterways
a. Law of the Sea
b. Law of Waterways
VI. Air and Space Law
a. Air Law
b. Space Law
VII. Sovereignty over Persons and Nationality
a. Nationality
b. German Immigrants
c. Exercise of Diplomatic Protection
VIII. Aliens
a. Legislation on Aliens
b. Asylum Law
c. Refugee Law
d. Visa Law
IX. Human Rights and Minorities
a. International Treaties for the Protection of Human Rights
b. Practice within UN Organs
c. Human Rights Practices of Other States
d. Minorities
X. Diplomatic and Consular Relations
XI. Legal Assistance and Extradition
a. Legal Assistance
b. Extradition
XII. Co-operation between States
a. Political Co-operation
b. Scientific, Technical and Cultural Co-operation
c. Labour Law and Social Security Co-operation
d. Police Co-operation
e. Development and Financial Aid
f. Nutrition and Humanitarian Aid
g. Local Transfrontier Co-operation
XIII. Environmental Protection
a. General Issues
b. Protection of Waters
c. Air and Climate Protection
d. Nuclear Safety
e. Conservation of the Countryside and Soil Protection
f. Protection of Endangered Species
g. Waste Management
h. Antarctica
i. Protection of Animals
XIV. Foreign Trade and New World Trade Order
a. GATT and WTO
b. Export Controls
c. Specific Questions
XV. European Communities
a. European Union
b. External Relations
c. Other Matters
XVI. International Organisations
a. United Nations
b. Military Alliances
c. Other Organisations
XVII. Peace-keeping Measures and Law of War
a. Arms Reduction and Arms Control
b. Peace-keeping Operations
c. Collective Non-Military Measures
d. Collective Military Measures
e. Self-Defence and Other Forms of Use of Force
e. Humanitarian Law
XVIII. Legal Consequences of German Reunification
a. Foreign Military Forces in Germany
b. State Succession
c. Consequences of War, Occupation and Division