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III. The International Court of Justice
3.15. Question of Costs

¤ Request for Interpretation of the Judgment of 11 June 1998
in the Case concerning the Land and Maritime Boundary
between Cameroon and Nigeria (Cameroon v. Nigeria),
Preliminary Objections (Nigeria v. Cameroon),
Judgment of 25 March 1999, I.C.J. Reports 1999, p. 31

18. In its written observations, Cameroon seeks not only to have the Court declare Nigeria's request for interpretation inadmissible, it also requests that, in conformity with Article 97 of the Rules, Nigeria be charged with the additional costs caused to Cameroon by Nigeria's request.

Article 64 of the Statute provides that "[u]nless otherwise decided by the Court, each party shall bear its own costs". This provision is given effect by Article 97 of the Rules of Court. While anticipating the possibility of exceptions, in circumstances which it does not specify, Article 64 confirms the

"basic principle regarding the question of costs in contentious proceedings before international tribunals, to the effect that each party shall bear its own" (Application for Review of Judgement No. 158 of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal, Advisory Opinion, I.C.J. Reports 1973, p. 212, para. 98).

The Court sees no reason to depart in the present case from the general rule set forth in Article 64 of the Statute.