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Angelo Jr Golia

Dr. iur., Referent

Main Fields of Research:

Legal Pluralism, Relationship between Social Theory and Public Law, Relationship between National and International Law, Italian and Comparative Constitutional Law

Academic Career:

Since 11/2018: Senior Research Fellow at the MPIL

2017-2018: Post-doctoral research assistant at the University of Salerno, Italy, prof. G. Macri, chair of public law and comparative constitutional law

2017-2018: Judicial clerk at the Italian constitutional court, Justice prof. S. Sciarra

2/2017: Ph.D., University of Naples II, Italy. Dissertation: La responsabilita' delle imprese transnazionali in una prospettiva di diritto costituzionale

02-07/2016: Visiting research scholar at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2015-2017: Member of the Legal Clinic of international human rights law 'Aix Global Justice', Aix-Marseille University

10-12/2015: Visiting research fellow at the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales et Communautaires (CERIC) of the Aix-Marseille University, Aix-en-Provence, France

01-05/2015: Stagiaire at the Institut des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice, Paris 

2013-2017: Doctoral research assistant at the University of Naples II, Italy, proff. D. Bifulco and L. Chieffi, chairs of public law and comparative constitutional law

7/2013: Master of Law, University of Naples II, Italy

Aktuelle Publikationen

  • The intricate relationships between private standards and public policymaking in the case of personal care robot. Who cares more?. In: Human-Robot Interaction: Safety, Standardization, and Benchmarking, Paolo Barattini, Federico Vicentini, Gurvinder Singh Virk, Tamas Haidegger (Hrsg.). CRC Press/Taylo & Francis, Boca Raton 2019, 9-18 (zusammen mit Eduard Fosch Villaronga).
  • Seguito delle additive di principio e auto-produzione del sistema giuridico. In: Giurisprudenza costituzionale 5, 2186-2215 (2018).
  • The Intellectual Foundations of the European Court of Human Rights. In: Experiments in International Adjudication – Historical Accounts, I. de la Rasilla y Del Moral, J. Vinuales (Hrsg.). Cambridge University press, Cambridge 2019, 263-286 (zusammen mit Ludovic Hennebel).
  • Counter-Limits beyond Europe: The Calvo Doctrine in Latin-America and its Value from a Comparative Law Perspective. In: Annuario di diritto comparato e studi legislativi 1, 261-288 (2019).
  • Robots, Standards and the Law. Rivalries between Private Standards and Public Policymaking for Robot Governance. In: Computer Law & Security Review 2, 129-144 (2019) (zusammen mit Eduard Fosch-Villaronga).
  • The Right of Resistance as a State Law Basis for Transnational Regimes Self-Contestation. In: Journal of Law & Society S1, 94-113 (2018) (zusammen mit Daniela Bifulco).

Working Papers