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English Contract Law

Fakultät für Rechts­wissenschaft und Volkswirtschafts­lehre,
Sep. - Dez. 2018

Universität Mannheim


Student-Assessed Evaluation Result​​​​​​​

  • Course evaluation result: 1,4 / 5,0 (excellent)
  • Teaching performance result: 1,4 / 5,0 (excellent)



A full-semester and elective course for international students.

Teaching methods: lecturing (direct instruction) and conducting a moot court (practice-based learning).

Student count: 8


Course Content

The course covered the following topics:

- Foundations of English Contract Law;

- Formation of Contracts:

- Contractual Parties;

- Legal Content of Contracts;

- Breaches;

- Defences; and

- Remedies.



Assessment tasks included online quizzes and participation in a moot court. For the participation in the moot court, students drafted statements of claim and statements of defence as well as presenting their arguments at an oral hearing.  This oral hearing was presided over by a judge of the High Court of Justice.