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In view of the increasing number of infections and the further spread of the coronavirus worldwide and also in Germany, we are obliged to contribute to containing the spread of coronavirus infections with preventive measures.

The library will be closed to the public from Monday, 16th March  2020 until further notice and will only be accessible to staff members of the Institute and visiting researchers already present in Heidelberg and approved by the library. New users are currently not admitted. 

From Monday, 23rd March the loan desk (ground floor) and all (three) reading rooms in the Institute will be closed. The services of the loan desk will be discontinued until Friday, 17th April.

No new visiting researchers will be admitted to the Institute until further notice. Applications will be rejected. Visiting researchers who are already present at the Institute, as well as our staff, can continue their research activities and their work in all other services of the Institute.   

Conferences, meetings, workshops and discussion groups as well as the Referentenbesprechung (Monday Meeting) are suspended. 

The work of the MPIL will be reduced to a minimum but the Institute will not be shut down. It is currently not foreseeable how long these measures will remain in force. We reckon with duration until the end of the Easter vacations (Friday, 17th April).