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Christoph Krenn

Dr. iur., Mag. iur., Senior Research Fellow

Main Fields of Research:

EU constitutional law; theory and practice of ECJ decision-making; internal market law and EU citizenship; the rise of constitutional adjudication in Austria and Switzerland

Academic Career:

since 2020: Habilitation funded through an APART-GSK Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Habiliation project: Constitutional adjudication in the crisis of consensus democracy: The rise of the Austrian Constitutional Court and the Swiss Federal Tribunal in comparative perspective

  • since 5/2021: Visiting scholar at the Faculty of Law, University of Zurich (with Andreas Glaser)
  • 6/2020-4/2021: Visiting scholar at the University of Vienna (with Ewald Wiederin)

2019-2020: Lise Meitner Fellow of the Austrian Science Fund, Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, University of Vienna

2017-2019: Senior Research Fellow at the MPIL

2018-2019: External lecturer, University of Vienna, Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law

April-July 2018: Visiting Researcher at iCourts, the Danish National Research Foundation's Centre of Excellence for International Courts, University of Copenhagen

June 2017: PhD at Goethe University Frankfurt (summa cum laude), supervised by Armin von Bogdandy

Dissertation: The Procedural and Organisational Law of the European Court of Justice: An Incomplete Transformation, Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy, Cambridge University Press, 2022

2011-2017: Research Fellow at the MPIL 

2015: Visiting researcher at the Centre européen de sociologie et de science politique, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne (with Antoine Vauchez)

2013: Academy of European Law Summer School on the Law of the European Union, EUI Florence

2013: Introduction to Empirical Legal Studies Summer School, Mannheim University

2011: Internship at the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Chambers of Judge Koen Lenaerts und Advocate General Juliane Kokott

2008-2011: Student research assistant at the Institute of International Law and International Relations (Professor Kirsten Schmalenbach) and at the Institute for Civil Law, Foreign and International Private Law (Professor Brigitta Lurger)

2009-2010: Studies at Sciences Po Paris (Erasmus programme)

2006-2011: Law Studies, Karl-Franzens University Graz

Recent Publications

  • The Procedural and Organisational Law of the European Court of Justice: An Incomplete Transformation. Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2022, 202 p. available via Cambridge Core
  • A Sense of Common Purpose: On the Role of Case Assignment and the Judge-Rapporteur at the European Court of Justice. In: Researching the European Court of Justice: New Methodologies and Law's Embeddedness, Mikael Madsen, Fernanda Nicola, Antoine Vauchez (eds.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2022, 187-208. Krenn_A Sense of Common Purpose (PDF, 701.7 KB)
  • EuGH und EGMR: Zwei Senate einer europäischen Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit. In: Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit in Europa: Vergleich und Perspektiven. Handbuch Ius Publicum Europaeum (Band VII), Armin von Bogdandy, Peter M. Huber, Christoph Grabenwarter (eds.). C.F. Müller, Heidelberg 2021, 487-536 (with Armin von Bogdandy).
  • Self-Government at the Court of Justice of the European Union: A Bedrock for Institutional Success. In: German Law Journal 19, 2007-2030 (2018). krenn_self-government-at-the-ecj-v1.pdf (PDF, 814.5 KB)
  • Der Europäische Gerichtshof in der Eurokrise: eine konflikttheoretische Perspektive. In: Der Staat 57, 357-385 (2018) (with Anuscheh Farahat). farahat_krenn_der-eugh-in-der-eurokrise-v1.pdf (PDF, 946.9 KB)
  • Artikel 4 EUV: Prinzipien der föderativen Grundstruktur. In: Das Recht der Europäischen Union, Eberhard Grabitz, Meinhard Hilf, Martin Nettesheim (eds.). Beck, München 2018, 1-50 (with Stephan Schill).
  • The European Court of Justice's Financial Accountability: How the European Parliament Incites and Monitors Judicial Reform through the Budgetary Process. In: European Constitutional Law Review 13, 453-474 (2017). Krenn_ECJ's Financial Accountability_EuConst (PDF, 232.8 KB)
  • Autonomy and Effectiveness as Common Concerns: A Path to ECHR Accession after Opinion 2/13. In: German Law Journal 16, 147-168 (2015). Krenn_Opinion 2/13_GLJ (PDF, 555.7 KB)
  • On the Democratic Legitimacy of Europe's Judges: A Principled and Comparative Reconstruction of the Selection Procedures. In: Selecting Europe's Judges, Michal Bobek (ed.). Oxford University Press, Oxford 2015, 162-180 (with Armin von Bogdandy). von Bogdandy_Krenn_On the Democratic Legitimacy of Europe's Judges (PDF, 18845.2 KB)
  • Zur Parlamentarisierung der Richterauswahl: Warum der Europarat der EU den Weg weist. In: Modelle des Parlamentarismus im 21. Jahrhundert: Neue Ordnungen von Recht und Politik, Franz C. Mayer, Jürgen Neyer, Claudio Franzius (eds.). Nomos, Baden-Baden 2015, 409-429 (with Armin von Bogdandy). von-bogdandy_krenn_zur-parlamentarisierung-der-richterauswahl-v1.pdf (PDF, 201.2 KB)
  • Zur demokratischen Legitimation von Europas Richtern: Eine vergleichende Rekonstruktion der Richterauswahl zu EGMR und EuGH. In: Juristenzeitung 69, 529-537 (2014) (with Armin von Bogdandy). von-bogdandy_krenn_zur-demokratischen-legitimation-von-europas-richtern-v1.pdf (PDF, 162.8 KB)
  • A Missing Piece in the Horizontal Effect 'Jigsaw': Horizontal Direct Effect and the Free Movement of Goods. In: Common Market Law Review 49, 177-215 (2012). krenn_a-missing-piece-v1.pdf (PDF, 255.7 KB)
  • Full list of publications (June 2022)

    Publications Krenn June 2022 (PDF, 157.1 KB)



Winter term 2022

Guest lecture: How does the European Court of Justice work?, University of Zurich (in German)

Winter term 2020

Course: Recent decisions by the Austrian Constitutional Court in comparative perspective (in German), University of Vienna (in German)

Winter term 2018

Guest lecture: Amicus Curiae Participation at the European Court of Justice, New York University, Paris campus

Winter term 2018

Guest lecture: The European Court of Justice in the Eurozone Crisis (with Anuscheh Farahat), University of Jena (in German)

Winter term 2018

Course: Comparative procedural law: Constitutional review in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, University of Vienna (in German)


  • APART-GSK Fellowship, Austrian Academy of Sciences (2019)
  • Lise Meitner Fellowship, Austrian Science Fund (2019)
  • iCourts Visitors Grant for a research stay at the University of Copenhagen (2018)
  • High Potential Award, University of Graz, ranked 8th (out of 315) of all law graduates in the academic year 2010/11
  • Bruno Kreisky Scholarship from the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue for a six-month research stay at the European Court of Justice (2011)


Peer reviews

  • European Law Open
  • Journal of the History of International Law
  • Law & Social Inquiry
  • Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
  • Oxford University Press
  • Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht