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Luke Dimitrios Spieker

Dr. iur., Maîtrise en droit (Paris II), LL.M. (King's College London), Senior Research Fellow
Tel. +49 (6221) 482-412

Main Fields of Research:

Constitutional Law | European Law | EU Law (esp. EU Constitutional Law) | EU values | Relationship of national constitutional courts and ECJ

Academic Career:

Since 05/2024 Postdoctoral Researcher at DFG-Research Training Group DynamInt, Humboldt University Berlin
Since 08/2022 Senior Research Fellow at MPIL
08/2018 - 07/2022 Research Fellow at MPIL
  Institute Projects: EU Values in Crisis, Transition 2.0: Re-establishing constitutional democracy in EU Member States, ​​​​​​​Constitutional Core and Basic Structures of the EU Treaties
10/2018 - 10/2021 PhD Candidate under the supervision of Armin von Bogdandy


Dissertation: EU Values before the Court of Justice. Foundations, Potential, Risks (summa cum laude)

Awarded the Otto Hahn Medal 2023 by the Max Planck Society and the Wilhelm Bender Dissertation Prize 2022 by Goethe University Frankfurt; Shortlist for the Deutscher Studienpreis 2023

03 - 05/2021 Visiting researcher at the European University Institute, Florence


11/2021 - 11/2023 Legal Trainee at the Higher Regional Court of Berlin
  Assignments to, among ohters, the Federal Ministry of Justice (Unit IVA3, Constitutional Jurisdiction), Redeker Sellner Dahs and the European Commission's Legal Service (team of Deputy Director Clemens Ladenburger)
09/2017 - 06/2018 King's College London, LL.M.
06/2017 - 09/2017 Internships with Germany's Representation before the European Courts (Unit EA 5, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, Berlin) and with Advocate General Kokott (European Court of Justice, Luxembourg)
09/2016 - 06/2017 Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), Maîtrise en droit européen
10/2012 - 08/2016 Humboldt-University Berlin, First German State Examination
  • Law studies within the European Law School Programme
  • Internships i.a. with the German Federal Foreign Office and the Brussels Office of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Viewpoint: "Democracy can be dismantled more quickly than it can be restored"

Armin von Bogdandy and Dimitri Spieker write in the current Max Planck Research on the restoration of the rule of law in Poland.


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News: Hot of the press!

Dimitri Spieker's new book "EU Values Before the Court of Justice. Foundations, Potential, Risks" has been published with Oxford University Press. The book is based on his dissertation which he completed between 2018 and 2021 under the supervision of Armin von Bogdandy.





News: Dimitri Spieker is awarded the Otto Hahn Medal

Dimitri Spieker has been awarded the Otto Hahn Medal in the human sciences section at the annual meeting of the Max Planck Society in Göttingen. For the profiles of the awardees, see here.





Recent Publications

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  • EU Values Before the Court of Justice. Foundations, Potential, Risks. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2023, 384 S. Oxford Studies in European Law
  • Contributions to Journals

  • Rethinking Primacy’s Effects: On Creating, Avoiding and Filling Legal Vacuums in the National Legal System. In: Common Market Law Review 61 (2024), im Erscheinen (zusammen mit Mathieu Leloup).
  • Transformative Constitutionalism in Luxembourg: How the Court Can Support Democratic Transitions. In: Columbia Journal of European Law 29, 65-92 (2023) (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). CJEL (Open Access) Download article here (PDF, 414.3 KB)
  • Article 2 TEU as a Tool for Democratic Transitions. In: Dyskurs Prawniczy i Administracyjny 3, 141-160 (2023) (with Armin von Bogdandy).
  • The conflict over the Polish disciplinary regime for judges – An acid test for judicial independence, Union values and the primacy of EU law: Commission v. Poland. In: Common Market Law Review 59, 777-812 (2022). CML Rev. Download article here (PDF, 482.0 KB)
  • Werte, Vorrang, Identität: Der Dreiklang europäischer Justizkonflikte vor dem EuGH. In: Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht 33, 305-313 (2022). EuZW
  • "The importance of being earnest": On frank words and missed opportunities in the CJEU’s A.B. judgment. In: Quaderni Costituzionali 2, 435-438 (2021). Quaderni Download article here (PDF, 75.2 KB)
  • Framing and managing constitutional identity conflicts: How to stabilize the modus vivendi between the Court of Justice and national constitutional courts. In: Common Market Law Review 57, 361-398 (2020). CML Rev. Download article here (PDF, 1710.1 KB)
  • Werteverteidigung im Binnenmarkt? Das ungarische Transparenzgesetz auf dem Prüfstand des EuGH. In: EuZW 31, 854-858 (2020). EuZW
  • Reverse Solange 2.0: Die Durchsetzung europäischer Werte und die unions- und strafrechtliche Verantwortung nationaler Richter. In: Europarecht 55, 301-332 (2020) (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). EuR
  • I valori dell'Articolo 2 del TUE, la Reverse Solange e la responsabilità dei giudici nazionali. In: Percorsi Costituzionali 2-3.2018, 347-388 (2020) (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). Download article here (PDF, 250.9 KB)
  • Breathing Life into the Union’s Common Values: On the Judicial Application of Article 2 TEU in the EU Value Crisis. In: German Law Journal 20, 1182-1213 (2019). GLJ (Open Access)
  • Countering the Judicial Silencing of Critics: Article 2 TEU Values, Reverse Solange, and the Responsibilities of National Judges. In: European Constitutional Law Review 15, 391-426 (2019) (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). EuConst (Open Access)
  • Does Article 15 ECHR Still Matter in Military Operations Abroad? The UK government's 'Presumption to Derogate’ – Much Ado about Nothing? In: ZaöRV (Heidelberg Journal of International Law) 79, 155-183 (2019). ZaöRV (Open Access)
  • Contributions to edited volumes

  • EU Values as Constraints and Facilitators in Democratic Transitions. In: Transition 2.0. Re-establishing Constitutional Democracy in EU Member States, Adam Bodnar, Armin von Bogdandy, Michal Bobek, Pál Sonnevend (eds.). Nomos, Baden Baden 2023, 113-142 (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). Nomos (Open Access)
  • Beyond the Rule of Law: How the Court of Justice can Protect Conditions for Democratic Change in the Member States. In: The Rule of Law in the EU: Crisis and Solutions, Anna Södersten, Edwin Hercock (eds.). SIEPS, Stockholm 2023, 72-78. SIEPS (Open Access) Download article here (PDF, 88.0 KB)
  • How the European Rule of Law Can Support Democratic Transitions: On the Criminal Responsibility of Biased Judges. In: ECB Legal Conference 2021. Continuity and change – How the challenges of today prepare the ground for tomorrow. ECB, Frankfurt a.M. 2022, 197-210 (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). ECB (Open Access)
  • Defending Union Values in Judicial Proceedings. On How to Turn Article 2 TEU into a Judicially Applicable Provision. In: Defending Checks and Balances in EU Member States, Armin von Bogdandy et al. (ed.). Springer, Berlin 2021, 237-268. Springer (Open Access)
  • Entry: Supranational Law. In: Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law, Anne Peters, Rüdiger Wolfrum (eds.). OUP, Oxford 2021 (zusammen mit Achilles Skordas). MPEPIL
  • Protecting Fundamental Rights Beyond the Charter: Repositioning the Reverse Solange Doctrine in Light of the CJEU's Article 2 TEU Case-Law. In: The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Member States, Michal Bobek, Jeremias Adams-Prassl (eds.). Hart, Oxford 2020, 525-546 (with Armin von Bogdandy). Hart
  • Die Identitätskontrolle des BVerfG und ihr Verhältnis zum Schutz der nationalen Identität durch den EuGH. In: Jurisdiktionskonflikte, Matthias Klatt (ed.). Nomos, Baden-Baden 2015, 111-144. Nomos
  • Contributions in other media

  • „Unterschätzt die europäischen Verträge nicht!“ Warum wir keine Vertragsreform zum Schutz europäischer Werte brauchen. MPG-Website, 2024. MPG
  • Viewpoint: “Democracy can be dismantled more quickly than it can be restored”. In: MaxPlanckResearch 1, 14-19 (2024) (with Armin von Bogdandy). MaxPlanckResearch Download (PDF, 509.7 KB)
  • Die schwierige Rückkehr zum Rechtsstaat. In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 15.11.2023. (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy) F.A.Z.
  • Berlaymont is back: The Commission invokes Article 2 TEU as self-standing plea in infringement proceedings over Hungarian LGBTIQ rights violations. EU Law Live, 22 February 2023. EU Law Live
  • How to Set Aside Hungarian Cardinal Laws: A Suggestion for a Democratic Transition. Verfassungsblog, 18. März 2022 (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). Text
  • Restoring the Rule of Law Through Criminal Responsibility. Verfassungsblog, 10. Dezember 2021 (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). Text
  • The Court gives with one hand and takes away with the other: The CJEU’s judgment in Miasto Łowicz. Verfassungsblog, 26. März 2020. Text
  • Commission v. Poland – A Stepping Stone Towards a Strong “Union of Values”?. Verfassungsblog, 30. Mai 2019. Text
  • Countering the Judicial Silencing of Critics: Novel Ways to Enforce European Values. Verfassungsblog, 06. März 2019 (zusammen mit Armin von Bogdandy). Text


    Interview with Patrick Cramer - How fragile is our democracy? (in German)

    Interview with Patrick Cramer - How fragile is our democracy? (in German)

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    In an interview with Patrick Cramer, president of the Max Planck Society, Dimitri Spieker explores the question of how fragile a democracy can be. A deep dive into the Polish example demonstrates not only these fragilities, but also how difficult it is to restore the democratic rule of law once the government changes. This entails important lessons for Germany, where democratic checks and balances could easily be damaged too.

    Book Talk - EU Values Before the Court of Justice

    Scuola Superiore di Sant'Anna

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    Book talk organised by Scuola Superiore di Sant'Anna (Sant'Anna Legal Studies) with Giuseppe Martinico, Ana Bobic, Pál Sonnevend and Giacomo Delledonne


2023 Otto Hahn Medal awared by the Max Planck Society
2022 Wilhelm Bender Dissertation Prize awared by Goethe University Franfurt
2019 - 2021 Doctoral scholarship by the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)
2020 Prix d'Excellence de l'Université franco-allemande (UFA) funded by the Deutsch-Französische Juristenvereinigung
2019 Common Market Law Review Prize for Young Academics
2019 Honourable Mention Ius Commune Prize 2019
2018 David D. Caron Memorial Prize for the Best Student on the LL.M., David D. Caron Memorial Prize for the Best Dissertation on the LL.M., Ondrej Petr Creative Writing Prize for the Best Distinction Dissertation by Students whose native Language is not English
2017 Faculty Price for the best result in the First State Examination and Faculty Price for the best result in Specialisation VIII (French Law)
2015 - 2018 Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)



 German, Greek, English, French, Italian

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