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MPIL Momentum

In MPIL Momentum, we present topical research from within the Institute to a wider public and discuss it with researchers, students, politicians, media representatives, legal practitioners, and members of the public sector (among them many alumni and alumnae). While virtual at the moment, we hope to return to our familiar setting of lunch talks in the Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences soon.

20.10.2020: MPIL Momentum Digital. Solidarität oder gemeinsame Verantwortungslosigkeit? Der Vorschlag zum EU-Migrationspakt auf dem Prüfstand

Dana Schmalz und Catharina Ziebritzki im Gespräch mit Christian Jakob.

01.04.2019: MPIL Momentum: Backlash, Compliance, and Institutional Architecture. Current Challenges to the Implementation of ECtHR Judgements

A conversation between Başak Çali and Raffaela Kunz; moderated by Alexandra Kemmerer.

12.03.2019: MPIL Momentum: Illiberale Demokratie in der Krise. Venezuela in seiner Bedeutung für Europa

Eine Einschätzung von Armin von Bogdandy, Maryhen Jiménez Morales, Jochen von Bernstorff und Achilles Skordas.

07.11.2018: MPIL Momentum. Schutzverantwortung, Selbstverteidigung, Souveränität. Eine kritische Analyse des ILA Final Report on Aggression and the Use of Force

Eine Podiumsdiskussion mit Helmut Aust und Paulina Starski, moderiert von Alexandra Kemmerer.

08.10.2018: MPIL Momentum. Long Shadows of German Colonialism. Contextualizing the Case of Rukoro et al. v. Federal Republic of Germany

A Panel Discussion with Matthias Goldmann and Jonas Kreienbaum, moderated by Alexandra Kemmerer.

27.06.2018: MPIL Momentum. Transformative Constitutionalism in Latin America - Cases and Developments

A Panel Discussion with René Fernando Urueña Hernández and Ximena Soley, moderated by Alexandra Kemmerer.

09.11.2017: MPIL Momentum. The Politicization of Europe: Transnational Solidarity Conflicts and the Changing Structure of Economic Governance in the EU

A Panel Discussion with Anuscheh Farahat, Marius Hildebrand and Mark Dawson, moderated by Anne Peters.

12.10.2017: MPIL Momentum. The Long Shadow of the Russian Revolution:Its Legacy in International Law

A Panel Discussion with Veronika Bílková, Maria Issaeva, Anne Peters, and Cindy Wittke, moderated by Alexandra Kemmerer.