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2015-2018 Personalia et al.


Raphael Schäfer won the prize of the Heidelberg Jubilee-Foundation for his capability of conducting significant scientific research and teaching excellency.


Tom Sparks won the the inaugural thesis prize of the Global Policy North research network of 2018.


Davide Paris has obtained the Habilitation as Associate Professor of Constitutional Law (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research).

Paulina Starski has become a “Fast Track Fellow”  ("Excellence and Leadership Skills for Outstanding Women in Science") of the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung with her research project on the “The Unwilling or Unable State as a Challenge to International Law”.

Saskia Stucki received an Advanced Postdoc.Mobility grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation for the project Trilogy on a Legal Theory of Animal Rights. She will be a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School and the MPIL from 2018-2020.

Saskia Stucki furthermore received the Professor Walther Hug-Award 2017.

Sabrina Ragone has been appointed associate professor of Comparative Public Law at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

Pedro Villarreal received the 2017 "Marcos Kaplan" Prize for the best doctoral dissertation in Law and Social Sciences from the Institute of Legal Research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. His thesis, entitled "The Legal Mechanisms Related to the H1N1 Influenza Pandemic from a Global Governance Perspective", had received a cum laude distinction, the highest possible according to the University's parameters.

Saskia Stucki was awarded with the Felix Wankel Animal Welfare Research Junior Award 2017 of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich for her Dissertation Fundamental Rights for Animals.

Paulina Starski has been awarded the interdisciplinary postdoctoral scholarship by the Daimler and Benz Foundation as one of 12 recipients for her externally funded research project "The Unwilling or Unable State as a Challenge to International Law", which comprises her "Habilitation" for the years 2017/2018 in the amount of 40.000 Euro.

We express our sorrow at the passing of our External Academic Member Professor Tono Eitel who died on 25 June 2017.

Anne Peters delivered in March 2017 the Sir Hersch Lauterpacht Memorial Lecture "Privatisation Under Public International Law"


Professor Pedro Cruz Villalón former president of the Constitutional Court of Spain and Advocate General at the European Court of Justice has been awarded the Research Award of the Humboldt-Foundation and will be hosted by the MPIL.


The Max Planck Society has appointed a new External Scientific Member, Professor Evelyne Lagrange to the MPIL.


The German Research Foundation (DFG) has granted Anuscheh Farahat an Emmy-Noether-Fellowship.


The Max Planck Society appointed Professor Heike Krieger as Max Planck Fellow at the MPIL.


In June 2016 Anuscheh Farahat has been elected as a member of the Young Academy of Science (Junge Akademie), for a period of five years.

Paulina Starski has been awarded funding by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung for her postdoctoral research project “The Unwilling or Unable State as a Challenge to International Law” as well as the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Fellowship within the Laureate Research Program in International Law (“Civil War, Intervention, and International Law” ) at University of Melbourne Law School.

Professor Armin von Bogdandy has been awarded the Héctor Fix Zamudio Prize for International Legal Research 2015. 

Professor Jochen Abr. Frowein has been awarded the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, First Class. The Austrian Ambassador presented the cross, on behalf of the President of Austria, during a reception at the Austrian Embassy in Berlin on 14 September. The presentation speech was delivered by Professor Christoph Grabenwarter.

We express our sorrow at the passing of  Professor Ulrich Beyerlin who died on 28 August 2015 after a severe illness.

Anuscheh Farahat has been awarded the Hermann Mosler Prize, which is endowed with 1000 euros, by the German Society for International Law for her doctoral thesis "Progressive Inclusion".

Matthias Goldmann has been awarded a Freigeist Fellowship by VolkswagenFoundation for five years, to support work on his project Stability through Deliberation: Finance and Public Law.

Further Announcements

Max Planck-Cambridge-Prize for International Law
The prize will be awarded jointly by the MPIL and the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge in Great Britain.

This year’s Philip C. Jessup Moot Court team managed to earn an excellent fourth place in the national rounds. Three of the participants made it under the best five oralists (including second best oralist), whereas the team also received the Spirit of the Jessup Award.

Institute Grants

Application deadline was July 31, 2018.

From 1 January 2018 all contributions to the Heidelberg Journal of International Law/Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht will be processed through the Online Submission System of the Journal. Manuscripts can be accepted for evaluation only when submitted using our Online Submission system

Institute Grants

The online application portal was activated in June 2017 (Application deadline was 1 June-31 July 2017).

The MPIL welcomed applications for the Internship Programme. Deadline 1st June.

The MPIL cordially congratulates the Philip C. Jessup Moot Court Teamof the University of Heidelberg to its success at the German National Rounds in Passau. The Team was ranked in third place and qualified itself for the International Rounds in Washington, D.C.. Traditionally, the Heidelberg Jessup Team is hosted at the MPIL in an effort to support the most promising next generation of public international lawyers in their educational and professional development.

Max Planck Trialogues Workshop: Self-defence against Non-state Actors, 4-5 November 2016


The colloquium "Digital surveillance and cyber spying: French and German perspectives" took place on the 22nd and 23rd of September, 2016 in Paris.


Conference announcement: Between Aspirations and Realities: Strengthening the Legal Framework of the OSCE

The MPIL convened on 13 July 2016 in Berlin an international conference, which will address the controversial legal status and institutional framework of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).


On 7th and 8th July 2016, Judge Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque (Portugal) from the European Court of Human Rights will be visiting the Institute. On Friday, 8th July, he will give a lunch talk in the Human Rights Discussion Group.

The MPIL Research Paper Series is freely accessible as of May 2016.

Papers may be downloaded from the MPIL website or directly from SSRN.

The Franco-German academic cooperation HeiParisMax established in 2015 now has its own website

Journal of the History of International Law, Workshop on the Legacy of the Russian Revolution in International Law