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2015-2022 Personalia et al.


Evelyne Lagrange is a professor of international law at the law school of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne). Lagrange is one of the leading French authorities for the law of international organisations. She has in particular engaged in fostering the German-French relationship among scholars of public international law and is fluent in German.
Lagrange is now, besides Professor Tono Eitel, our second current External Scientific Member. The honorary post should contribute to forge links between the Max Planck Society and universities. It allows Scientific External Members to participate in the academic life of the Institute. It does not involve special obligations and is not remunerated. The appointment (Berufung) is granted by the Senate after hearing the section on the basis of a scientific evaluation.
Evelyne Lagrange has been a member of our Fachbeirat from 2013 to 2015. With her support, we launched the doctoral exchange HeiParisMax (on the German side together with the Heidelberg law faculty, and on the French side besides Paris I also with Sciences Po. We hope that Evelyne Lagrange’s strong interest in intellectual exchange with German-speaking international and comparative law scholars will make her frequently spend research time at the MPIL.