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11th-12th July 2024

Research Group MAGGI Authors Workshop (hybrid): Multiplication of Global Governance Authority: Contestation, In/formalization, and Constellations

2nd - 3rd February 2024 70 Years of EU Law: Continuity and Discontinuity, MPIL.


29th November 2023 - 1st December 2023  MPIL Winter School, MPIL.

27th- 28th November 2023 Resistencias en América Central, MPIL.

Workshop on Protest Movements and International Law, 2nd-3rd November 2023, MPIL. Convened by Christian Marxsen (Humboldt University; MPIL) and Florian Kriener (MPIL).

19th-20th October 2023 Max Planck Law Workshop "Climate Emergency, Human Rights and Community of Practice" (hybrid)

9th - 11th October 2023,  PhDnet General Meeting 2023.

Call: "70 Years of EU Law: Continuity and Discontinuity”, MPIL, 1st - 3rd February 2024. The call is addressed to scholars at all stages of their career, including early-career researchers. Deadline 8th October 2023.

Sundhya Pahuja organized a workshop "Global Corporations and  International Law" in collaboration with Anne Peters and Alexandra Kemmerer from 13th to 14th July 2023.

24.04.2023 - 27.04.2023  Master Class in International Law


12th-14th December 2022, Max Planck Law Winter School - Escuela Intensiva: "Derechos Humanos, Conocimiento Experto y Comunidad de Práctica".

17th November 2022, 3 p.m. Via zoom Online Event "Social Space and Private Property: From Privacy to Private Ordering" des  akademischen Partnerschaftsprogramms HeiParisMax

16th-18th November 2022  Max Planck Law Annual Conference 2022, Harnack-Haus, Berlin.

28th October 2022  Rudolf Bernhardt Lecture - Dr. Marie-Catherine Petersmann: "Towards More-than-Human Rights"?

27th October 2022 Academic commemoration event in honour of Professor Dr. Rudolf Bernhardt.

8th-9th September 2022  "Opening Access, Closing the Knowledge Gap? International Legal Scholarship Going Online".

6th September 2022 online via Zoom "JHIL: Evening symposium to celebrate the publication of Martti Koskenniemi's book."

1st-2nd September 2022 Max Planck Law Conference "Independence and Democracy".

17th-18th June 2022  Workshop "Digital Constitution: On the Transformative Potential of Societal Constitutionalism".

 Summer School 8th-10th June 2022.

The Master Class took place from 16th to 19th May 2022 with Hélène Ruiz Fabri .

25th - 30th April 2022

German-Israeli Minerva School "International Human Rights Law and the Individual".

The 37th Biennial Conference of the German Society of International Law took place on 9th-11th March.


19th October 2021, "Addressing Scientific Innovation through Pandemic Lawmaking".

The Workshop "Contested Norms of International Peace and Security Law" took place on the 23rd - 24th September 2021.

24th September 2021 DVIR - ILA German Branch: Working Group on International Health Law

Call for submissions for the digital symposium “International Pandemic Lawmaking: Conceptual and Practical Issues” hosted by Bill of Health and Verfassungsblog. The deadline for sending abstracts was 19 July 2021.

The International Authors' Workshop The Individual in International Law - History and Theory, took place 17th and 18th June 2021. Anne Peters and Tom Sparks convened an online workshop in order to discuss the draft contributions to the edited volume, The Individual in International Law - History and Theory.

Online Conference: Human Rights Responsibilities beyond the State. Pushing the Boundaries of Public and Private, 10th - 11th June 2021. Convened by the Research Project Business Actors beyond
Public and Private: Authority, Legitimacy and Responsibility in the United Nations Human Rights Regime
(PD Dr. Janne Mende and Anneloes Hoff).


Via zoom on 25 and 26 September 2020, fifth Max Planck Trialogues Workshop: The UN Security Council’s Contribution to the Law of Peace and War.

"50 Years since Internationale Handelsgesellschaft. The Ongoing Quest for Common Constitutional Traditions"; 30th - 31st January 2020, MPIL


Call for Engaged Listeners, Deadline 30th November 2019

International Authors' Workshop The Individual in International Law - History and Theory, 25th - 26th June 2020

The Workshop "The End of International Public Authority?", took place on 28th -29th November.

Call for Papers, Deadline 24th November 2019

Workshop: Contested Norms of International Peace and Security Law, 7th - 8th May 2020, MPIL Heidelberg, organised by the MPIL and the  Max Planck Research Group Shades of Illegality in International Peace and Security Law

The Workshop "The Contested Authority of International Institutions in Global Health: National Decouplings, Regional Stumbling Blocks and International Collisions" took place on 13th-14th November.

Mental Health Awareness Week at the MPIL, October 2019.


The Max Planck Master Class with Professor Dr. Christoph Möllers took place on the 13th-16th May 2019. 

The conference on "Politics and the Histories of International Law", organized by The Journal of the History of International Law (JHIL), took place on the 15-16 February 2019.


The Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War - Vol. IV: Intervention by Invitation took place on the 8th and 9th of November 2018.

The Rudolf Bernhardt Lecture with Prof. Eirik Bjorge on "The Contribution of the European Court of Human Rights to General International Law" took place on the 19th October 2018.  

The Workshop on Health and the Environment in International Law: Actors, Norms and Responsibilities, took place on the 17th and 18th October 2018, at the MPIL.

The 7th Max Planck Master Class in International Law with Professor Dr. Manuel José Cepeda, took place on the 10th - 13th September 2018.

The Fourth Max Planck Young Legal Scholars‘ Forum took place at the MPIL on the 28th and 29th June 2018.

The MPIL invited the submission of proposals for a panel entitled “The Authoritarian Pushback and the Resilience of International Institutions” at the upcoming ICON Society annual conference in Hong Kong. Abstracts of up to 500 words could be sent until 20 January 2018 to .

For more information please see the attached pdf.

The young scholars’ conference “Historical Capitalism and International Law”, organised in cooperation with HeiParisMax, took place on 18-19 January 2018 at Sciences Po Law School, Paris.

Successful conference on the current rule of law crisis in the EU – Report now available

The MPIL is pleased  to present a report and material on the September 2017 conference hosted together with our partners at the Chair of European Law at the University of Warsaw. A publication will follow in 2018.


Max Planck Trialogues Workshop: the third Trialogue workshop, dealing with the international law on reparations for victims of armed conflict, took place on 10-11 November 2017.


"Protecting European Union Values: Breaches of Article 2 TEU and Their Consequences", Conference hosted by the MPIL and the University of Warsaw Faculty of Law and Administration, 14-15 September 2017.

Protecting and Advancing the Rule of Law in Europe, 28-30 June hosted at the MPIL.

The conference dealt with the ongoing crisis in the European Union regarding the protection of the rule of law in Member States and the measures proposed to deal with this crisis. We were delighted to welcome groups from both Hungary and Poland, including from the University of Warsaw, with which the institute will host a related conference in Warsaw in September (13-15 September). High-ranking members of several courts will also be attending.


The twelfth Franco-German Ph.D. seminar organised within the framework of the Deutsch-Französischen Doktorandenkollegs in partnership with the Franco-German program HeiParisMax, took place at the MPIL from the 7th to the 9th of June 2017.


Professor J. H. H. Weiler (NYU) taught the 6th Max Planck Master Class in International Law (15-18 May 2017) on "How to Read Decisions of the European Court of Justice".

Remedies against Immunity?

The Conference "Reconciling International and Domestic Law after the Italian Constitutional Court’s Sentenza 238/2014", took place 11 – 13 May 2017 at Villa Vigoni, Italy.

Max Planck Trialogues Workshop: The Applicability of International Humanitarian Law, took place 30-31 March 2017.



From 6-7 December 2016 the Seminario Latinoamericano - "El Ius Constitutionale Commune en América Latina y las estructuras del Estado" took place at the Max- Planck- House

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Max Planck Trialogues Workshop: Self-defence against Non-state Actors, took place 4-5 November 2016.


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