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10/23/2020 | 03:30 PM | Livestream

Livestream: Vicarious hegemony and the anti-hegemonic thrust of European Law: a conversation

We are debating the specter of German Legal Hegemony. It’s a new dimension for most German lawyers. The prevailing view has been that Germany is at the receiving end and losing out. Many consider Germany as making a too small impact on European law because it’s too inflexible for its federalism and too inhibited for many reasons. Quite a few see the 2nd Senate of the BVerfG as the last institution defending law and reason against overbearing European institutions as Berlin politicians have largely given up.

The symposium on German Legal Hegemony on the Verfassungsblog has provided a different picture. How to deepen learning from it? This Friday, we propose a discussion which is both analytical and normative. The more analytical part of our discussion will be centered on Antoine Vauchez’ thesis of “Vicarious hegemony”. It does not capture all concerns that were raised, but pointedly articulates many of them. For the normative part, we shall focus on Daniel Halberstam’s Anti-Hegemony thesis and think, how it can be evolved into ideas on the 2nd Senate’s stance on Europe, but also broader on judicial politics, on legal mindsets and academic orientations, not just in Germany.

Four academics form our panel:

  • MARTA CARTABIA is a Professor of Constitutional Law at Bocconi University and Co-President of ICON-S. She has been the president of the Italian Constitutional Court
  • DANIEL HALBERSTAM is a Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School and the College of Europe in Bruges;
  • ANNA ŚLEDZIŃSKA-SIMON is a Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Wroclaw and a member of the Legal Council of the Batory Foundation;
  • ANTOINE VAUCHEZ is a CNRS Research Professor in political sociology and law at Université Paris 1-Sorbonne.

The discussion will be live-streamed on the Verfassungsblog. Comments, suggestions and questions can be submitted to the discussion in real time via the Verfassungsblog's comment form. You can access the live-stream here:

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