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01/20/2022 | 07:00 PM | Via zoom

Heidelberger Salon digital: "The Role of Law in the Age of Environmental Crises"

We live in an era of multiple and interrelated environmental crises: global warming, biodiversity loss, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events, among others. The impact of human activities on nature and the planet is consensus – and so deep that we speak of the Anthropocene, the age of human-driven geological change.

Research and practice of international law is framed by this new context of the Anthropocene. We as international lawyers must deal with the complex and ambivalent role of our subject in relation to environmental crises. This virtual panel will explore the multifaceted role of law as driver and enabler of environmental exploitation, as a tool for sustainable management and protection of the environment, and as a forum in which attribution of responsibility for environmental harm is negotiated.

Guillaume Futhazar (MPIL), Dana Schmalz (MPIL/University of Jena), Tom Sparks (MPIL), Saskia Stucki (MPIL), and Pedro A. Villarreal (MPIL) will begin the virtual roundtable with prepared remarks. Our distinguished guests Jutta Brunnée (University of Toronto) and Andreas Paulus (Göttingen University/German Federal Constitutional Court) will reflect on the statements before Alexandra Kemmerer (MPIL) opens up the moderated discussion to registered participants.

Please register under the following link, after which you will receive an automated e-mail with the information for the zoom meeting.


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