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Band 189:

E. Benvenisti, C. Gans, S. Hanafi (eds.)

Israel and the Palestinian Refugees

S. Hanafi: The Sociology of Return: Palestinian Social Capital, Transnational Kinships and the Refugee Repatriation Process. – A. Golan: The Spatial Outcome of the 1948 War and Prospects for Return. – S. Abdel Jawad: Zionist Massacres: the Creation of the Palestinian Refugee Problem in the 1948 War. – E. Zureik: Palestinian Perceptions of the Israeli Position on the Refugee Issue. – Y. Peled/N. Rouhana: Transitional Justice and the Right of Return of the Palestinian Refugees. – R. Isotalo: Palestinian Return: Reflections on Unifying Discourses, Dispersing Practices and Residual Narratives. – Y. Zilbershats: International Law and the Palestinian Right of Return to the State of Israel. – G. Boling: The Question of "Timing" in Evaluating Israels's Duty Under International Law to Repatriate the 1948 Palestinian Refugees. – C. Gans: The Palestinian Right of Return and the Justice of Zionism. – L. Meyer: Historical Injustice and the Right of Return. – S. Tamari: Palestinian Refugee Property Claims: Compensation and Restitution. – R. Klinov: Reparations and Rehabilitation of Palestinian Refugees. – A. Helton: End of Exile: Practical Solutions to the Palestinian Refugee Question. – L. Takkenberg: The Search for Durable Solutions for Palestinian Refugees: A Role for UNRWAA? – M. Dumper: Comparative Perspectives on the Repatriation and Resettlement of Palestinian Refugees: the Cases of Guatemala, Bosnia and Afghanistan. – D. Rabinowitz: Byond Recognition: Staggered Limited Return of Palestinians Into Israel. – J. Al Husseini: The Arab States and the Refugee Issue: A Retrospective View. – M. Klein: The Negotiations for the Settlement of the 1948 Refugees. – S. Fried: The Palestinian Refugee Problem and Its Historical Origins and Developments.

This book offers diverse perspectives on the Palestinian refugee problem and the possible ways to facilitate its resolution. It contains contributions of Israeli, Palestinian and other scholars, and its main goal is to initiate an informed dialogue that will bridge the "knowledge gap" between the different camps. The book is the culmination of a joint effort to assist people to realize how people on the other side envision the problem and the possible ways to resolve it, and to gain a comparative perspective on refugee problems and their resolution efforts in other parts of the world. The contributors come from diverse disciplines and backgrounds and their various contributions provide a comprehensive picture of the various aspects of the problem and of the possible means of its resolution.

2007. VIII, 501 p.
ISBN 978-3-540-68160-1
Springer-Verlag, Berlin/Heidelberg