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Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law

Armin von Bogdandy
Rüdiger Wolfrum

Founding Editors: Jochen A. Frowein; RüdigerWolfrum

Managing Editor
Christiane E. Philipp


Authors Volumes 1 - 17

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Author Name: A


Afsah, Ebrahim/Guhr, Alexandra H., Afghanistan: Building a State to Keep the Peace, Vol. 9 (2005), 373-456

Akl, Joseph, The Legal Status Privileges and Immunities of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, Vol. 2 (1998), 341-363

Allain, Jean, The True Challenge to the United Nations System of the Use of Force: The Failures of Kosovo and Iraq and the Emergence of the African Union, Vol. 8 (2004), 237-289

Anand, Ram Prakash, Enhancing the Acceptability of Compulsory Procedures of International Dispute Settlement, Vol. 5 (2001), 1-20

Anderson, David, Law Making Processes in the UN System - Some Impressions, Vol. 2 (1998), 23-50

Aust, Anthony, Counter-Terrorism – A New Approach, Vol. 5 (2001), 285-306



Author Name: B


Bank, Roland, Cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Production of Evidence, Vol. 4 (2000), 233-269

Barriga, Stefan/Alday, Alejandro, The General Assembly and the Rule of Law: Daring to Succeed? – The Perspective of Member States, Vol. 12 (2008), 381-408

Bekhechi, Mohammed Abdelwahab, Some Observations Regarding Environmental Covenants and Conditionalities in World Bank Lending Activities, Vol. 3 (1999), 287-314

Benzing, Markus, The Complementarity Regime of the International Criminal Court: International Criminal Justice between State Sovereignty and the Fight against Impunity, Vol. 7 (2003), 591-632

Benzing, Markus, U.S. Bilateral Non-Surrender Agreements and Article 98 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court: An Exercise in the Law of Treaties, Vol. 8 (2004), 181-236

Benzing, Markus, Midwifing a New State: The United Nations in East Timor, Vol. 9 (2005), 295-372

Bigi, Giulia, Joint Criminal Enterprise in the Jurisprudence of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the Prosecution of Senior Political and Military Leaders: The Krajišnik Case, Vol. 14 (2010), 51-84

Binder, Christina, Two Decades of International Electoral Support: Challenges and Added Value, Vol. 13 (2009), 213-246

Bogdandy, Armin von, Law and Politics in the WTO – Strategies to Cope with a Deficient Relationship, Vol. 5 (2001), 609-674

Bogdandy, Armin von/Häußler, Stefan/Hanschmann, Felix/Utz, Raphael, State-Building, Nation-Building, and Constitutional Politics in Post-Conflict Situations: Conceptual Clarifications and an Appraisal of Different Approaches, Vol. 9 (2005), 579-613

Boisson de Chazournes, Laurence, The Global Environment Facility Galaxy: On Linkages among Institutions, Vol. 3 (1999), 243-285

Boven, Theo van, The Petition System under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Vol. 4 (2000), 271-287

Breen, Claire, Revitalising the United Nations Human Rights Special Procedures Mechanisms as a Means of Achieving and Maintaining International Peace and Security, Vol. 12 (2008), 177-203

Buergenthal, Thomas, The U.N. Human Rights Committee, Vol. 5 (2001), 341-398

Bühler, Konrad G., The Austrian Rule of Law Initiative 2004-2008 – The Panel Series, the Advisory Group and the Final Report on the UN Security Council and the Rule of Law, Vol. 12 (2008), 409-446



Author Name: C


Chandrasekhara Rao, P., ITLOS: The First Six Years, Vol. 6 (2002), 183-300

Charlesworth, Hilary / Chinkin, Christine, The New United Nations "Gender Architecture": A Room with a View?, Vol. 17 (2013), 1-60

Charnovitz, Steve, The International Labour Organization in its Second Century, Vol. 4 (2000), 147-184

Coomans, Fons, Application of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Framework of International Organisations, Vol. 11 (2007), 359-390

Cottier, Thomas/Hertig, Maya, The Prospects of 21st Century Constitutionalism, Vol. 7 (2003), 261-328

Courtis, Christian, The Right to Food as a Justiciable Right: Challenges and Strategies, Vol. 11 (2007), 261-328



Author Name: D


Dann, Philipp/Al-Ali, Zaid, The Internationalized Pouvoir Constituant – Constitution-Making Under External Influence in Iraq, Sudan and East Timor, Vol. 10 (2006), 423-463

de Oliveira Godinho, Fabiana, The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Protection of Indigenous Rights in Brazil, Vol. 12 (2008), 247-286

De Wet, Erika, The Direct Administration of Territories by the United Nations and its Member States in the Post Cold War Era: Legal Bases and Implications for National Law, Vol. 8 (2004), 291-340

Dingfelder Stone, John H., Assessing the Existence of the Right to Translation under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Vol. 16 (2012), 159-181

Dinstein, Yoram, Protection of the Environment in International Armed Conflict, Vol. 5 (2001), 523-549

Doehring, Karl, Unlawful Resolutions of the Security Council and their Legal Consequences , Vol. 1 (1997), 91-109

Dörmann, Knut, War Crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, with a Special Focus on the Negotiations on the Elements of Crimes, Vol. 7 (2003), 341-407

Douhan, Alena, Commonwealth of Independent States - Is There Any Chance to Establish an Effective System of Collective Security in the Region?, Vol. 15 (2011), 281-327

Dupuy, Pierre-Marie, The Constitutional Dimension of the Charter of the United Nations Revisited, Vol. 1 (1997), 1-33



Author Name: E


Eitel, Tono, The UN Security Council and its Future Contribution in the Field of International Law, Vol. 4 (2000), 53-71



Author Name: F


Fassbender, Bardo, All Illusions Shattered? Looking Back on a Decade of Failed Attempts to Reform the UN Security Council, Vol. 7 (2003), 183-218

Fernández de Casadevante Romani, Carlos, International Law of Victims, Vol. 14 (2010), 219-272

Fitschen, Thomas, Inventing the Rule of Law for the United Nations, Vol. 12 (2008), 347-380

Fitzmaurice, Malgosia, Third Parties and the Law of Treaties, Vol. 6 (2002), 37-137

Fleischhauer, Carl-August, The Relationship Between the International Court of Justice and the Newly Created International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Vol. 1 (1997), 327-333

Francioni, Francesco, Of War, Humanity and Justice: International Law After Kosovo, Vol. 4 (2000), 107-126

Friedrich, Jürgen, UNMIK in Kosovo: Struggling with Uncertainty, Vol. 9 (2005), 225-293

Fröhlich, Manuel, Keeping Track of UN Peace-keeping – Suez, Srebrenica, Rwanda and the Brahimi Report, Vol. 5 (2001), 185-248

Fuchs, Christine, UN Convention to Combat Desertification: Recent Developments, Vol. 12 (2008), 287-300



Author Name: G


Gautier, Philippe, The Reparation for Injuries Case Revisited: The Personality of the European Union, Vol. 4 (2000), 331-361

Göcke, Katja, The Case of Ángela Poma Poma v. Peru before the Human Rights Committee, Vol. 14 (2010), 337-370

Goldmann, Matthias, Sierra Leone: African Solutions to African Problems?, Vol. 9 (2005), 457-515

Greenwood, Christopher, The Development of International Humanitarian Law by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Vol. 2 (1998), 97-140

Grewe, Constance/Riegner, Michael, Internationalized Constitutionalism in Ethnically Divided Societies: Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo Compared, Vol. 15 (2011), 1-64

Grote, Rainer, The United Nations and the Establishment of a New Model of Governance for Central America: The Case of Guatemala, Vol. 2 (1998), 239-286

Grotto, Andrew J., Organizing for Influence: Developing Countries, Non-Traditional Intellectual Property Rights and the World Intellectual Property Organization, Vol. 8 (2004), 359-382

Gruss, Daniel, UNTEA and West New Guinea, Vol. 9 (2005), 97-126

Gulati, Rishi, The Internal Dispute Resolution Regime of the United Nations, Vol. 15 (2011), 489-538



Author Name: H


Hansen, Thomas O., Reflections on the ICC Prosecutor's Recent "Selection Decisions", Vol. 17 (2013), 125-158

Haugen, Hans M., Human Rights Principles - Can They be Applied to Improve the Realization of Social Human Rights?, Vol. 15 (2011), 419-444

Haule, Romuald R., Some Reflections on the Foundation of Human Rights – Are Human Rights an Alternative to Moral Values?, Vol. 10 (2006), 367-395

Henne, Gudrun/Fakir, Saliem, The Regime Building of the Convention on Biological Diversity on the Road to Nairobi, Vol. 3 (1999), 315-361

Hensgen, Leonie, Corruption and Human Rights - Making the Connection at the United Nations, Vol. 17 (2013), 197-220

Hertig Randall, Maya, Human Rights Within a Multilayered Constitution: The Example of Freedom of Expression and the WTO, Vol. 16 (2012), 183-280

Hestermeyer, Holger P., Access to Medication as a Human Right, Vol. 8 (2004), 101-180

Hilpold, Peter, Regional Integration According to Article XXIV GATT - Between Law and Politics, Vol. 7 (2003), 219-260

Hilpold, Peter, The Duty to Protect and the Reform of the United Nations – A New Step in the Development of International Law?, Vol. 10 (2006), 35-69

Hilpold, Peter, EU Law and UN Law in Conflict: The Kadi Case, Vol. 13 (2009), 141-181

Hilpold, Peter, The League of Nations and the Protection of Minorities - Rediscovering a Great Experiment, Vol. 17 (2013), 87-124



Author Name: I


Ioannidis, Michael, Naming a State – Disputing over Symbols of Statehood at the Example of “Macedonia”, Vol. 14 (2010), 507-561



Author Name: J


Jaenicke, Günther, Prompt Release of Vessels - The M/V 'Saiga' Case, Vol. 2 (1998), 387-407

Johnson, Larry D., IAEA Treaty-Making Activities in 1997, Vol. 2 (1998), 51-71

Jonsén, Jennie/Söllner, Sven, The “Breakthrough” of the Right to Food: The Meaning of General Comment No. 12 and the Voluntary Guidelines for the Interpretation of the Human Right to Food, Vol. 11 (2007), 391-415

Juma, Dan, Lost (or Found) in Transition? The Anatomy of the New African Court of Justice and Human Rights, Vol. 13 (2009), 267-306



Author Name: K


Kanetake, Machiko, Enhancing Community Accountability of the Security Council through Pluralistic Structure: The Case of the Committee, Vol. 12 (2008), 113-175

Kateka, James L., Advisory Proceedings before the Seabed Disputes Chamber and before the ITLOS as a Full Court, Vol. 17 (2013), 159-171

Keller, Lucy, UNTAC in Cambodia – from Occupation, Civil War and Genocide to Peace, Vol. 9 (2005), 127-178

Khan, Rahmatullah, United Nations Peace-keeping in Internal Conflicts, Vol. 4 (2000), 543-581

Kirschner, Adele J., The Human Right to Water and Sanitation, Vol. 15 (2011), 445-487

Kirschner, Adele J./Tiroch, Katrin, The Waters of Euphrates and Tigris: An International Law Perspective, Vol. 16 (2012), 329-394

Klabbers, Jan, Global Governance before the ICJ: Re-reading the WHA Opinion, Vol. 13 (2009), 1-28

Knahr, Christina, From the United Nations Administrative Tribunal to the United Nations Appeals Tribunal – Reform of the Administration of Justice System within the United Nations, Vol. 12 (2008), 447-483

Knust Rassekh Afshar, Mandana, The Case of an Afghan Apostate – The Right to a Fair Trial Between Islamic Law and Human Rights in the Afghan Constitution, Vol. 10 (2006), 591-605

Kolb, Andreas S./Salomon, Tim René/Udich, Julian, Paying Danegeld to Pirates - Humanitarian Necessity or Financing Jihadists, Vol. 15 (2011), 105-164

Koskenniemi, Martti, Between Impunity and Show Trials, Vol. 6 (2002), 1-35

Kovač, Matija, Legal Issues Arising from the Possible Inclusion of Private Military Companies in UN Peacekeeping, Vol. 13 (2009), 307-374

Krajewski, Markus/Singer, Christopher, Should Judges be Front-Runners? The ICJ, State Immunity and the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights, Vol. 16 (2012), 1-34

Krisch, Nico, Unilateral Enforcement of the Collective Will: Kosovo, Iraq, and the Security Council, Vol. 3 (1999), 59-103

Kugelmann, Dieter, The Protection of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples Respecting Cultural Diversity, Vol. 11 (2007), 233-263

Kuhn, Maike, The System of EU Crisis Management – From Bringing Peace to Establishing Democracy?, Vol. 13 (2009), 247-265



Author Name: L


Lang, Winfried, UN-Principles and International Environmental Law, Vol. 3 (1999), 157-172

Leininger, Julia, Democracy and UN Peace-Keeping – Conflict Resolution through State-Building and Democracy Promotion in Haiti, Vol. 10 (2006), 465-530

Lietzau, William K., Old Laws, New Wars: Jus ad Bellum in an Age of Terrorism, Vol. 8 (2004), 383-455

López-Jacoiste, Eugenia, The UN Collective Security System and its Relationship with Economic Sanctions and Human Rights, Vol. 14 (2010), 273-335

Lyman, Princeton N., Saving the UN Security Council - A Challenge for the United States, Vol. 4 (2000), 127-146



Author Name: M


Manger-Nestler, Cornelia, Impacts of International Law on the Restructuring of the Global Financial System, Vol. 15 (2011), 165-227

Matz, Nele together with R. Wolfrum, The Interplay of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and the Convention on Biological Diversity, Vol. 4 (2000), 445-480

Matz, Nele, Environmental Financing: Function and Coherence of Financial Mechanisms in International Environmental Agreements, Vol. 6 (2002), 473-534

Matz, Nele, Civilization and the Mandate System under the League of Nations as Origin of Trusteeship, Case Studies, Vol. 9 (2005), 47-95

Matz-Lück, Nele, The Eighth Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity: Summary and Analysis, Vol. 11 (2007), 265-277

Mechlem, Kerstin, Harmonizing Trade in Agriculture and Human Rights: Options for the Integration of the Right to Food into the Agreement on Agriculture, Vol. 10 (2006), 127-190

Mehring, Sigrid, Medical War Crimes, Vol. 15 (2011), 229-279

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Möldner, Mirka, Responsibility of International Organizations - Introducing the ILC's DARIO, Vol. 16 (2012), 281-327

Moschtaghi, Ramin, Organisation and Jurisdiction of the Newly Established Afghan Courts – The Compliance of the Formal System of Justice with the Bonn Agreement, Vol. 10 (2006), 531-590

Moschtaghi, Ramin, The Relation between International Law, Islamic Law and Constitutional Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran – A Multilayer System of Conflict?, Vol. 13 (2009), 375-420

Münch, Wolfgang, The Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations And The Specialized Agencies, Vol. 2 (1998), 287-306

Münch, Wolfgang, Wrongdoing of International Civil Servants – Referral of Cases to National Authorities for Criminal Prosecution, Vol. 10 (2006), 71-88



Author Name: N


Nasu, Hitoshi, The UN Security Council's Responsibility and the "Responsibility to Protect", Vol. 15 (2011), 377-418

Neudorfer, Sonja/Wernig, Claudia, Implementation of International Treaties into National Legal Orders: The Protection of the Rights of the Child within the Austrian Legal System, Vol. 14 (2010), 409-444

Neuhold, Hanspeter, Collective Security After ‘Operation Allied Force’, Vol. 4 (2000), 73-106

Niemelä, Pekka, A Cosmopolitan World Order? Perspectives on Francisco de Vitoria and the United Nations; Focus; Rule of Law, Vol. 12 (2008), 301-344

Nurmukhametova, Elvira, Problems in Connection with the Efficiency of the World Bank Inspection Panel, Vol. 10 (2006), 397-421



Author Name: O


Oellers-Frahm, Karin, Multiplication of International Courts and Tribunals and Conflicting Jurisdiction – Problems and Possible Solutions, Vol. 5 (2001), 67-104

Oellers-Frahm, Karin, Restructuring Bosnia-Herzegovina: A Model with Pit-Falls, Vol. 9 (2005), 67-104

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Author Name: P


Palchetti, Paolo, Opening the International Court of Justice to Third States: Intervention and Beyond, Vol. 6 (2002), 139-181

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Author Name: R


Rau, Markus, The UNESCO Convention on Underwater Cultural Heritage and the International Law of the Sea, Vol. 6 (2002), 387-472

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Author Name: S


Sand, Peter H., Carrots without Sticks? New Financial Mechanisms for Global Environmental Agreements, Vol. 3 (1999), 363-388

Sands, Philippe, International Courts and the Application of the Concept of ‘Sustainable Development’, Vol. 3 (1999), 389-405

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Author Name: T


Tanaka, Yoshifumi, Protection of Community Interests in International Law: The Case of the Law of the Sea, Vol. 15 (2011), 329-375

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Author Name: U


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Author Name: V


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Author Name: W


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Author Name: Y


Yee, Sienho, The Time Limit for the Ratification of Proposed Amendments to the Constitutions of International Organizations, Vol. 4 (2000), 185-213



Author Name: Z


Zacharias, Diana, Cologne Cathedral versus Skyscrapers – World Cultural Heritage Protection as Archetype of a Multilevel System, Vol. 10 (2006), 273-366

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