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Abstracts of the last 4 Issues

83 (2023) Issue 2

Comparative Public Law for European Society

Armin von Bogdandy


EU Sanctions Against Propaganda for War – Reflections on the General Court’s Judgment in Case T-125/22 (RT France)

Björnstjern Baade


Booming Advisory Jurisdiction of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Anna von Rebay / Chiara Oberle


Coastal State’s (Criminal) Jurisdiction in the Exclusive Economic Zone: Recent Case-Law and State Practice

Efthymios Papastavridis


83 (2023) Issue 1

Norm Contestation in the Law Against War: Towards an Interdisciplinary Analytical Framework

Max Lesch / Christian Marxsen


Contesting Use of Force Norms Through Technological Practices

Ingvild Bode


Mitigating International Norms Through Contestation: Peaceful Purposes in Space Law and the Security Dilemma

Giulia Persoz


Of Norms and Ambiguity: The Contested Authority of UN Security and African Union in the Use of Force in Africa

John-Mark Iyi


Norm Contestation for Strategic Effect: Legal Narratives as Information Advantage

Aurel Sari


Prohibition of Threats of Force: a Silently Contested Norm?

Agata Kleczkowska


82 (2022) Issue 4

The Multifaceted History of the Russian Federation in the Council of Europe

Norman Weiß / Theresa Anna Lanzl


Life Beyond the Law – From the ‘Living Constitution’ to the ‘Constitution of the Living’

Marie-Catherine Petersmann


82 (2022) Issue 3

“Human Rights With Chinese Characteristics” – China’s Contribution to the Development of International Human Rights

Charlotte Magnus


Lockdown by Press Conference? COVID-19 and the Rule of Law in New Zealand and Austria

Theresa Upperton / Thomas Buocz / Magdalena Nemeth / Iris Eisenberger


Chile’s International Treaties in the Context of the Replacement of the Constitution

Sven Korzilius


‘Principled Resistance’ Meets ‘ultra vires’: New Techniques in Opposing ECtHR Judgements

Marten Breuer


A Permanent Seat for the European Union in the UN Security Council

Christian Magaard