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Abstracts of the last 4 Issues

Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights: Their Role in the Evolution of AI

Themis Tzimas


The article analyzes the role of the rule of law and of human rights in relation to the regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its evolution.
The main argument of the article is that the expanding intellectual autonomy of AI at the level of Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), but even more emphatically in the case of Artificial General and Artificial Super Intelligence (AGI and ASI respectively) transforms social relations and the human centric character of present legal systems, both nationally and internationally.
On such grounds, the article examines the ontological elements of AI and the critical questions which are raised in relation to AGI and ASI, such as the prospect of friendly or unfriendly AGI and ASI.
In the face of such developments the rule of law as the principle and the organizational scheme which institutionalizes justice faces the challenge of a fundamentally new social and legal landscape. In order to identify the role of the rule of law in such a framework, the article examines the rule of law from a thick perspective and as a concept not only of national, but also of international dimension. In addition, given its historical evolution and its human-centered character, human rights are viewed as inherent in the rule of law.
The article suggests that human rights can play an important role in terms of machine learning of AI. It also makes an argument against the legitimacy of AGI and ASI because of human rights and of the human-centered nature of existing legal systems.