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Life at the Institute

Regularly Occuring Events

Beyond the possibility of working in our library, we offer you numerous chances to take part in the intellectual life of the Institute and to enter into an exchange with our research fellows.

Calendar of current events 

Meeting of the Research Staff

The meeting of the research staff is the weekly plenary meeting of the Institute’s researchers which carries on a tradition of the Institute founded in 1924. Every Monday, from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m., research fellows of the Institute provide short reports on current questions and developments in comparative public law, international law and European law. On invitation of the Directors, visiting scholars also make presentations. The meeting of the research staff takes place in English on the first and third Monday of the month; on the second and fourth Monday, it is held in German; in the case of a fifth Monday, the official language is chosen according to need.

MPIL Agora


The MPIL Agora is a forum which is available for our visiting scholars for the presentation and discussion of their current research. As a rule, we invite guests to give a presentation who are with us for more than a month. The MPIL Agora takes place normally once a month on a Wednesday afternoon and consists of one or two modules. A module lasts one hour and includes a lecture (approximately 30 minutes) plus subsequent discussion. It is curated by Armin von Bogdandy and Pedro Villarreal. Whose willing to present are kindly asked to submit their topic to Pedro Villarreal. 

Discussion Groups

The Institute hosts a number of subject-and language-specific Discussion Groups. They offer the opportunity to discuss fundamental questions and current developments in small groups and usually take place once a month.

Max Planck Lecture Series

Three to four times a year, leading scholars or outstanding junior academics present their work in a Max Planck Lecture at the Institute, usually in connection with a colloquium on the following day.

Social Life

Integration Coffee

Every Wednesday, from 2:00 to 2:30 p.m., employees and guests of the Institute meet for a cup of coffee or tea and cookies at our Rooftop Lounge (3rd floor). The Integration Coffee offers an opportunity to get to know one another and talk to colleagues from the various departments of the Institute.

Get Together

Institute get-togethers for guests and employees take place on the first Monday of the month, after 8:30 p.m. (changes possible). The meeting place - often at “Bar P11 – Café am Römerkreis” (Bahnhofstraße 63, 69115 Heidelberg) - is announced shortly beforehand.

Code of Conduct

The Max Planck Society encourages the maxim of a non-discriminatory culture, in which the variety and diversity of employees and guests are seen as an opportunity and in which all are met with equal respect and shown the same esteem.

As a successful research organization, we aim to protect all employees and guests against all forms of discrimination and consistently oppose any form of behaviour that violates our guidelines.

 Code of Conduct - Protection against Sexualized Discrimination, Harassment and Violence