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Self-Financed and Third-Party Financed Research Stays

Self-financed research and stays financed by third parties

Scholars who are not applying for an Institute Grant, but rather wish to spend time at the Institute at their own expense or on the basis of third-party financing, may at any time request permission to do so from one of the Directors (please contact: ). The request should be accompanied by

  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form (indicating date and place of birth, highest academic degree and date of obtaining this degree, private [home] address, e-mail contact, nationality, language skills, home university and business address);
  • a short list of selected publications (1-2 pages);
  • a short sketch of the research project (topic and project title, project description and research plan);
  • the proposed time for conducting research at the Institute (concrete dates of arrival and departure);
  • a brief information about the form of financing (self-financed out of private savings or financed by a third party providing the name of funding body and the nature of the financing - e.g. mobility grant - including the requirement of supervision at the host institute, if this is a condition of funding);
  • and, in the case of junior academics (PhD candidates, doctoral students, etc.), two references printed on headed paper containing significant details about the applicant and her/his project.

Applications for a self-financed research visit or for a research financed by third parties shall be submitted by e-mail together with the required documents and information to no later than four weeks prior to the intended research stay.

Applications for a confirmation of research facilities also serving as a host invitation to apply for funding shall be received at least four weeks before the expiry of the submission deadline.