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Principles of European Constitutional Law

Head of Section:

Armin von Bogdandy

About the Project:

At the heart of the project on European constitutional law lies the book Principles of European Constitutional Law. The German version (Europäisches Verfassungsrecht) appeared in its second, significantly revised and elaborated edition in 2009. A few months later the revised English version, which builds on the first English edition in 2006, was published with Hart Publ. and C. H. Beck.

Building on a scholarly rather than black-letter law account, the book shows European constitutional law as it looks following the Treaty of Lisbon, with the EU's foundational treaties mandating the exercise of public authority, establishing a hierarchy of norms and legitimising legal acts, providing for citizenship, and granting fundamental rights. In this way the treaties shape the relations between legal orders, between public interest regulation and market economy, and between law and politics. The contributions demonstrate in detail how a constitutional approach furthers understanding of the core issues of EU law, how it offers theoretical and doctrinal insights, and how it adds critical perspective.

Co-operation partners

The scientific cooperation of the authors to the second edition of “Europäisches Verfassungsrecht” (2nd ed. 2009) and “Principles of European Constitutional Law” (2nd ed 2009) was financially supported by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

External partners: Josef Drexl (München), Ulrich Everling (Wachtberg-Pech, Richter am Europäischen Gerichtshof a.D.), Christoph Grabenwarter (Graz, Richter am Verfassungsgerichtshof), Ulrich Haltern (Hannover), Armin Hatje (Hamburg), Stefan Kadelbach (Frankfurt a.M.), Thorsten Kingreen (Regensburg), Paul Kirchhof (Heidelberg, Bundesverfassungsrichter a.D.), Jürgen Kühling (Regensburg), Christoph Möllers (Berlin), Jörg Monar (Sussex/Brüssel), Martin Nettesheim (Tübingen), Franz C. Mayer (Bielefeld), Stefan Oeter (Hamburg), Florian Rödl (Frankfurt), Daniel Thym (Berlin), Robert Uerpmann-Wittzack (Regensburg), Manfred Zuleeg (Frankfurt, Richter am Europäischen Gerichtshof a.D.).


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