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Academic Qualification Projects

Law of International Monetary Policy Coordination (Kanad Bagchi)

The Role and Potential of Procedural Rights – Domestic Courts and Victims of Armed Conflict (Leander Beinlich)

Labour Governance by International Economic Institutions (Franz Christian Ebert)

Solidaritätskonflikte in der Eurozone (Anuscheh Farahat) (German Version only)

Gesetzgebungsauftrag aus Straßburg? (Markus Fyrnys) (German Version only)

Stability through Deliberation – the Financial Sector, Public Law, and Democracy (Matthias Goldmann)

Eurozone Conditionality (Michael Ioannidis)

Law, Exile and the Making of a Transnational Constitution. A Life of Eric Stein (Alexandra Kemmerer)

Cyber Due Diligence (Leonhard Kreuzer)

Konflikt und Illegalität – Eine völker- und verfassungsrechtliche Untersuchung zum ius contra bellum (Christian Marxsen) (German Version only)

A legal Reconstruction of Trilogues as the "efficient secret" of the European Law-Making (Giacomo Rugge)

Reforms of Domestic Law as a Remedy in Human Rights Adjudication (Lucas Sánchez)

Die Entwicklung des humanitären Völkerrechts im 19. Jahrhundert (Raphael Schäfer) (German Version only)

Niklas Luhmanns Frühe Systemtheorie und die Vergleichende Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit (Theodor Shulman) (German Version only)

Transformative Adjudication: the Case of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Ximena Soley Echeverría)

The Judicial Application of Union Values: Article 2 TEU in the Jurisprudence of the Court of Justice (Luke Dimitrios Spieker)

Responsibility of International Organizations for Human Rights Violations (Mateja Steinbrück Platise)

Challenging Authority: How International Institutions manage State Resistance (Silvia Karin Steininger)

Moral Damages – The Development of Private Law Analogies in Public International Law (Robert Stendel)

The International Protection of the Private Sphere in Times of Digital Surveillance (Milan Nebyl Tahraoui)

State Responsibility in the Realm of Human Rights Conventions (Yueyao Zhang)

Granting the Right to Asylum through the Common European Asylum System (Catharina Ziebritzki)