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At the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, scholars pursue research relating to basic issues and current developments in the areas of public international law, European Union law, and the constitutional and administrative law of individual states, together with numerous visiting scholars from all over the world. In its fields, our library is the largest in Europe and one of the most comprehensive in the world.

Recent Publications

Paris, Davide: Assisted Suicide: Crime or Right?. I-CONnect symposium: The Italian Constitutional Court on Assisted Suicide, 07 December 2018.

Askin, Elif: Lithuania and Romania Complicit for Hosting CIA "Black Sites". Verfassungsblog, 2018.

Moser, Carolyn: The Legal Framework of the OSCE. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2019, 374 p. (with Mateja Steinbrück Platise, Anne Peters, ed.).

Beinlich, Leander: Royal Prerogative. In: Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2019.

von Bogdandy, Armin: Wie die deutsche Elf in Brasilien. An seiner Wirkmacht kommt keiner vorbei. In: Die Zeit, Nr. 25, 13.06.2019, p. 36.

Stucki, Saskia: Of Chicks and Men: Anmerkungen zum BVerwG-Urteil über die Tötung männlicher Küken. Verfassungsblog, 17 June 2019 (with Christoph Winter).

Kunz, Raffaela: Constitutionalization and Democratization of Foreign Affairs: the Case of Switzerland. In: The Role of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance. T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer Open Access, The Hague 2019, 1491-1522.

Kypraios, Christos: 'Vetoing' the admission of a third state in international organizations: Lessons learned from the Greece-fYROM case. Völkerrechtsblog, 29 June 2018.

Publications 2018 / 2019


Christoph Krenn has received a Lise Meitner grant by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).


Institute Grants

Application period will be 1st June-31st July 2019.

Max Planck-Cambridge Prize

The MPIL and the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law will launch the Max Planck-Cambridge Prize for International Law in Heidelberg on 15th November 2019.