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Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War


Anne Peters

Christian Marxsen

Über das Projekt:

The Max Planck Trialogues are a publication series of the MPIL that is published with Cambridge University Press. In a Max Planck Trialogue, three authors discuss one topic within the international law surrounding armed conflict. Each trio is composed so as to engage different modes of legal thinking, intellectual paradigms, regional backgrounds, and professional specialisation. By bringing the pluralism of premises and methods to the fore, the Trialogues facilitate the emergence and global refinement of common legal understandings.

Currently four volumes are under preparation:

Vol. I - Self-defence against non-state actors (co-authored by Mary Ellen O'Connell, Christian Tams, Dire Tladi) - scheduled for publication in 2018

Vol. II - Applicability of International Humanitarian Law (co-authored by Helen Duffy, Janina Dill, Ziv Bohrer)

Vol. III - Reparation for Victims of Armed Conflict (co-authored by Cristián Correa, Shuichi Furuya, Clara Sandoval)

Vol. IV - Intervention by Invitation (co-authored by Olivier Corten, Gregory Fox, Dino Kritsiotis)

Workshop Announcement: 8-9 November 2018

Topic: Intervention by Invitation

Dates: 8 November 2018 (1.00 p.m.) – 9 November 2018 (1 p.m.)

Venue: MPIL, Im Neuenheimer Feld 535, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany.

The MPIL announces the fourth workshop of the Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War which will deal with the doctrine of ‘intervention by invitation’. Recent conflicts, especially in Libya, Ukraine and in Syria, have challenged the established understanding and demand scholarly reflection. What are conditions and limits under which a state may invite foreign military intervention? Has the old focus on the criterion of effective territorial control been loosened? Which role do legitimacy concerns play and according to which criteria can legitimacy be assessed? Which role does the international recognition of a government play, and to which extent do international organizations, above all the UN, have a say in determining the entity that is allowed to invite foreign intervention? Under which conditions can a state lose its capacity to invite foreign intervention? These and other questions will be tackled by the three authors of the Trialogue and further invited experts.

In the workshop the three authors of the Trialogue book will present their take on the problems as well as their answers to the questions raised. The authors are: Olivier Corten, Gregory Fox, and Dino Kritsiotis.

The following experts have confirmed their participation in the workshop: Veronika Bílková, Theodore Christakis, Erika de Wet, Eliav Lieblich, Inger Österdahl, Achilles Skordas, Antonello Tancredi, Larissa van den Herik, Sir Michael Wood.

If you are interested in participating in the audience (not as a speaker), and thus contribute to the discussions please respond to our call for engaged listeners.

past Workshops

Workshop: Reparations for Victims of Armed Conflict
On 10-11 November 2017 the third Trialogue workshop, dealing with the international law on reparations for victims of armed conflict took place.

Workshop: The Applicability of International Humanitarian Law
On 30-31 March 2017 the MPIL hosted the second authors' workshop. This workshop dealt with the scope of the applicability of IHL.

Workshop: Self-defence against Non-state Actors
On 4-5 November 2016 the MPIL hosted the first authors' workshop of the Max Planck Trialogues. The workshop addressed the timely topic of self-defence against non-state actors.

Project Description

A New Format of Academic Publishing

The book series “Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War” offers a new approach to the law surrounding armed conflict and makes use of an innovative way of academic publishing. Published by Cambridge University Press, it consists of volumes that are each co-authored by three scholars whose geographical, theoretical, and methodological background and outlook differs greatly. The authors are asked to write around 80 pages on one and the same issue, approaching it from their own distinct perspective. The idea is to obtain a multi-perspective and discursive yet comprehensive account of a specific problem that highlights the current controversies and the diversity of approaches to that problem.

The individual volumes pertain to the fields of ius ad bellum, ius in bello and ius post bellum. The project is (initially) planned as a publication series of nine volumes that take up classical topics but will also react to recent challenges to the law surrounding armed conflict.

The Writing Process

In contrast to usual edited volumes, the fact that there are three authors who write on the same topic guarantees that the subject of one book is covered both in depth and comprehensively. Moreover, key to the plan is that the three authors engage in an exchange with each other so that their three voices have to take into account the others’ perspectives and thus mutually enriched each other. The “trialogue” happens at authors’ workshops hosted by the Max Planck Institute where authors, further invited commentators and other interested participants discuss the draft chapters. The additional comments are not published in the books, but in the Heidelberg Journal of International Law.

The Academic Advisory Board

The Max Planck Trialogues are guided by an academic advisory board whose members are Orna Ben-Naftali, Theodore Christakis, Lori Damrosch, Larissa van den Herik, Maurice Kamto, Inger Österdahl, Christian Tomuschat, and Sir Michael Wood.

Series Editors and Conveners

The book series is edited and coordinated by Anne Peters and Christian Marxsen. The series editors write a short introduction as well as an epilogue to each book.


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