Recent Publications

  • Peters, Anne: The Principle of "Uti Possidetis Juris": How relevant is it for Issues of Secession?. In: Self-Determination and Secession in International Law.
  • Ley, Isabelle: (gemeinsam mit Anne Peters u.a.) Comparative Study on national legislation on freedom of peaceful assembly, requested by the Venice Commission, Doc. No. CDL(2014)032-e
  • Dellavalle, Sergio: Il costituzionalismo postnazionale. Varianti di un progetto per il futuro. In: Crisi del costituzionalismo e ordine giuridico sovranazionale.
  • Bogdandy, Armin von: La deficiencia sistémica en el estado de derecho. Qué es, qué se ha hecho y qué se puede hacer. In: Revista de Estudios Políticos , Nr. 165.
  • Marxsen, Christian: Crimea’s Declaration of Independence, published on: EJIL Talk!

  • [Publications 2014]

Call for Papers: The (Comparative) Constitutional Law of Private-Public Arbitration. Heidelberg, November 21-22, 2014

  • We wish to announce that major renovation works are currently being carried out at the building of the Institute. Disruptions and even restrictions on entry can be expected throughout the coming months.

Upcoming Events

10/24/2014—10/27/2014 | Raum 1.90 und Raum 1.110 X-Haus

Coloquio Iberoamericano_ Tendencias y desafíos actuales

11/07/2014 | X_1.90

IPA 3 Workshop

11/25/2014—11/26/2014 | Max-Planck-Haus

Workshop "Droit et Mouvements sociaux: quelles interactions?"

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