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At the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, scholars pursue research relating to basic issues and current developments in the areas of public international law, European Union law, and the constitutional and administrative law of individual states, together with numerous visiting scholars from all over the world. In its fields, our library is the largest in Europe and one of the most comprehensive in the world.

Recent Publications

Peters, Anne: Foreign Relations Law and Global Constitutionalism, Symposium on Comparative Foreign Relations Law In: AJIL Unbound, 2017.

Grote, Rainer: Magna Carta. In: Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017.

Ragone, Sabrina: Buscando la protección más amplia: el derecho comparado como herramienta esencial en el sistema multinivel europeo. In: J.I. Ugartemendia Eceizabarrena, A. Saiz Arnaiz, M. Morales Antoniazzi (eds.), La jurisdicción constitucional en la tutela de los derechos fundamentales de la UE. Especial referencia al Espacio de Libertad, Seguridad y Justicia. IVAP, Oñati 2017, 79-90.

Askin, Elif: Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations of States in The Event of Disease Outbreaks. In: The Governance of Disease Outbreaks. International Health Law: Lessons from the Ebola Crisis and Beyond. Nomos, Baden-Baden 2017, 175-211.

Vierck, Leonie Johanna: The Governance of Disease Outbreaks - International Health Law: Lessons from the Ebola Crisis and Beyond. Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2017, 393 p. (with Pedro Villarreal, ed.).

Kemmerer, Alexandra: Sources in the Meta-Theory of International Law: Hermeneutical Conversations. In: Oxford Handbook on the Sources of International Law. Oxford University Press, Oxford 2017, 469-490.

Stucki, Saskia: Habea(r)s Corpus: Some Thoughts on the Role of Habeas Corpus in the Evolution of Animal Rights. In: International Journal of Constitutional Law Blog Nov. 4, (2017) (with Juan C. Herrera).

Goldmann, Matthias: The Great Recurrence: Karl Polanyi and the crises of the European Union. In: European Law Journal 23/3-4, 272-289 (2017).

Publications 2016 / 2017


The MPIL is pleased to present a report and material on the September 2017 Conference on the Current Rule of Law Crisis in the EU, hosted together with our partners at the Chair of European Law at the University of Warsaw.

Sabrina Ragone has been appointed associate professor of Comparative Public Law at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

Pedro Villarreal received the 2017 "Marcos Kaplan" Prize for the best doctoral dissertation in Law and Social Sciences from the Institute of Legal Research at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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The young scholars’ conference “Historical Capitalism and International Law”, organised in cooperation with HeiParisMax, will take place on 18-19 January 2018 at Sciences Po Law School, Paris.


Young scholars' conference "Historical Capitalism and International Law"

01/18/2018—01/19/2018 | Paris, Sciences Po, Ecole de droit

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New Building

Our Institute is gaining additional space. In connection with expansion and renovation, major construction is currently taking place both inside and outside the building. Disruptions and restrictions on entry can be expected until March 2018. We kindly request your understanding and patience regarding the temporary inconvenience.