Recent Publications

  • Molnár-Gábor, Fruzsina: Das Ende der Zufallsbefunde in der genetischen Diagnostik: Die Ganzgenomsequenzierung und die Erwartbarkeit zusätzlicher Befunde. In: Zeitschrift für Medizin-Ethik-Recht (with Gösta Gantner, Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Peter Lichter).
  • Krenn, Christoph: On the Democratic Legitimacy of Europe's Judges. A Principled and Comparative Reconstruction of the Selection Procedures. In: Selecting Europe's Judges. A Critical Review of the Appointment Procedures to the European Courts (with Armin von Bogdandy).
  • Peters, Anne: Immunities in the Age of Global Constitutionalism (with Stefan Oeter, Christian Tomuschat Evelyn Lagrange, Hrsg.).
  • Marxsen, Christian: Resolution 2178 und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Bundesrepublik
  • Bogdandy, Armin von: Ius constitutionale commune. In: Diccionario de Derecho Procesal Constitucional y Convencional .

  • [Publications 2014]

Call for Papers for the 2015 ESIL Annual Meeting in Oslo: Join the IPA panel on international courts!

  • Call for Papers (66.3 KB)

  • Due to construction work the Institute's building at Im Neuenheimer Feld 535 will be closed from 9 December 2014 up to and including 6 January 2015. Working in the reading room is not possible.

    • We wish to announce that major renovation works are currently being carried out at the building of the Institute. Disruptions and even restrictions on entry can be expected throughout the coming months.

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    01/12/2015 | Max-Planck-Haus

    Max Planck Lecture_Prof. Anne Orford_Melbourne Law School "Civil Law, Intervention, and International Law"

    02/11/2015 | X-House, R 1.110

    Accountability of International Organizations

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