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About us

At the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, scholars pursue research relating to basic issues and current developments in the areas of public international law, European Union law, and the constitutional and administrative law of individual states, together with numerous visiting scholars from all over the world. In its fields, our library is the largest in Europe and one of the most comprehensive in the world.

Recent Publications

Maupin, Julie: The G20 Countries Should Engage with Blockchain Technologies to Build an Inclusive, Transparent, and Accountable Digital Economy for All In: T20 Policy Insights Brief, 2017.

Ziebritzki, Catharina: Dynamiken der Einwanderungsgesellschaft. 10. Herbsttagung des Netzwerks Migrationsrecht. In: NVwZ 04, 200-203 (2017) (with Clara-Anne Bünger).

Starski, Paulina: Imperial Colonialism in the Genesis of International Law – Anomaly or Time of Transition? In: Journal on the History of International Law 19, 1-20 (2017).

Farahat, Anuscheh: Wettbewerb um Migranten? Die Stratifikation von Freizügigkeitsrechten in der EU. In: Wettbewerb der Systeme – System des Wettbewerbs in der EU. Nomos, Baden-Baden 2017, 101-121.

Peters, Anne: Par-delà la hiérarchie des ordres juridiques - Le pluralisme ordonné vu d'Allemagne. In: Traité des rapports entre ordres juridiques. LGDJ, Issy-les-Moulineaux 2016, 1631-1651.

von Bogdandy, Armin: European Law Beyond ‘Ever Closer Union’ Repositioning the Concept, its Thrust and the EJC’s Comparative Methodology. In: European Law Journal 22/4, 519-538 (2016).

Paris, Davide: Il caso Stamina fra indipendenza della magistratura e governo dei giudici. Riflessioni a margine di una delibera del CSM. In: Rivista italiana di medicina legale 3, 1321-1343 (2016).

Marxsen, Christian: The Crimean Crisis from an International Law Perspective. In: Kyiv-Mohyla Law and Politics Journal (KMLPJ) 2, 13-36 (2016).

Publications 2015 / 2016


Call for Participants – Professor J. H. H. Weiler (NYU) teaches the 6th Max Planck Master Class in International Law (15-18 May 2017) on "How to Read Decisions of the European Court of Justice". The number of participants is strictly limited. Deadline: 6 March 2017.

Institute Grants

The online application portal will be activated in June 2017 (Application deadline 1 June-31 July 2017).

Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War

Vol. II - The Applicability of International Humanitarian Law, 30-31 March 2017

If you are interested to participate as an engaged listener, please respond to our call. Deadline 15 March 2017.

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation has awarded a grant for the conference Remedies against Immunity? convened by Anne Peters and Valentina Volpe in May 2017 at Villa Vigoni, Lake Como.

New Building

Our Institute is gaining additional space. In connection with expansion and renovation, major construction is currently taking place both inside and outside the building. Disruptions and restrictions on entry can be expected until mid 2017. We kindly request your understanding and patience regarding the temporary inconvenience.