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MPIL Research Paper Series


The Institute focuses its resources on generating new knowledge in international law, comparative public law and European Union law. It hopes to contribute to the further globalization of the discourse in these fields. It also seeks an intensification of exchanges with researchers and its cooperation partners as well as a dialogue with an audience beyond the immediate scholarly community in its areas of research. The MPIL Research Paper Series aims to make new scholarly work by the Institute’s research staff or scholars closely associated with the Institute available in a timely and un-bureaucratic manner, cost-free and to as wide an audience as possible. Through the series, the MPIL hopes to facilitate more intense scholarly communication and to encourage increased publication as well as the circulation of new research. Papers in the series consist of work that has been submitted for publication by members of the MPIL academic staff, by visiting researchers and speakers at the MPIL, or by other authors whose work has been accepted for publication in the ZaöRV/ Heidelberg Journal of International Law or another MPIL publication. They can be downloaded from the Social Science Research Network’s online platform and below.

If you have questions, comments or a paper you would like to submit, please contact Dr. Steven Less, Editor-in-Chief, at .

The ‘Great October Socialist Revolution’: What Remains in and for International Law?

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-09

Anne Peters


MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-08

Anne Peters

Self-Defence Against Non-State Actors: Impulses from the Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-07

Anne Peters, Christian Marxsen (eds)
With contributions by Theodore Christakis, Olivier Corten, Irène Couzigou, Jochen A. Frowein, Letizia Lo Giacco, Leena Grover, Matthias Hartwig, Larissa van den Herik, Shin Kawagishi, Guy Keinan, Karin Oellers-Frahm, Inger Oesterdahl, Carl-Philipp Sassenrath, Britta Sjöstedt, Paulina Starski, Christian Tams, Antonello Tancredi, Priya Urs, Sir Michael Wood

Dealing with the Refugee Crisis: The Recent Asylum Law Reforms in Germany – From Asylum Procedure Acceleration to Fostering Integration

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-06

Diana Princess of Hohenlohe-Oehringen

European Public Law - Lessons from the Concept’s Past

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-05

Armin von Bogdandy, Stephan Hinghofer-Szalkay

The Idea of European Public Law Today - Introducing the Max Planck Handbooks on Public Law in Europe

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-04

Armin von Bogdandy

In Nobody's Name: A Checks and Balances Approach to International Judicial Independence

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-03

Aida Torres Pérez

Sources in the Meta-Theory of International Law: Hermeneutical Conversations

MPIL-Research Paper Series No. 2017-02

Alexandra Kemmerer

Not in My Name! Claudia Pechstein and the Post-Consensual Foundations of the Court of Arbitration for Sport

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2017-01

Antoine Duval

Squaring the Cicrcle: How the Right to Refuge Can Be Reconciled with the Right to Political Identity

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-24

Sergio Dellavalle

Der "Schweigende Staat" und die Dynamik des Gewaltverbots – "Normative Volatilität" und "Legislative Verantwortung"

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-23

Paulina Starski

Pondering Schmitt's Concept of the Political for International Public Authority – Also a Reflection on Methods, Standards and Disciplinary Settings for Public Law Theory

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-22

Armin von Bogdandy

Ius Constitutionale Commune En América Latina: A Regional Approach to Transformative Constitutionalism

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-21

Armin von Bogdandy, Eduardo Ferrer MacGregor, Mariela Morales Antoniazzi, Flavia Piovesan, Ximena Soley

Silence within the Process of Normative Change and Evolution of the Prohibition on the Use of Force - Normative Volatility and Legislative Responsibility

MPIl Research Paper Series No. 2016-20

Paulina Starski

The Refinement of International Law: From Fragmentation to Regime Interaction and Politicization

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-19

Anne Peters

Corruption as a Violation of International Human Rights

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-18

Anne Peters

Der Körperschaftsstatus von Religionsgemeinschaften - Bestandsaufnahme eines "rätselhaften Ehrentitels"

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-17

Paulina Starski

Sustainability in European Constitutional Law

MPIL Research Paper Series. 2016-16

András Jakab

Die 'Große Koalition' als Problem des Verfassungsrechts - Recht auf effektive Opposition vs. Gleichheit der Abgeordneten

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-15

Paulina Starski

The Transformation of European Law. the Reformed Concept and its Quest for Comparison

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-14

Armin von Bogdandy

The Pro Homine Principle's Role in Regulating the Relationship between Conventionality Control and Constitutionality Control

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-13

Yota Negishi

Imperial Colonialism in the Genesis of International Law  Anomaly or Time of Transition?

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-12

Jörn Axel Kämmerer, Paulina Starski

International Legal Scholarship Under Challenge

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-11

Anne Peters

Proportionality as a Global Constitutional Principle

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-10

Anne Peters

Comparative Constitutional Law as a Social Science? A Hegelian Reaction to Ran Hirschl's Comparative Matters

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-09

Armin von Bogdandy

Law as a Linguistic Instrument without Truth Content? On the Epistemology of Koskenniemi's Understanding of Law

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-08

Sergio Dellavalle

National Governments and Coordination of European Policies in Times of Austerity: A Comparative Overview

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-07

Sabrina Ragone

La Corte oltre lo specchio: Un dialogo tra giudici costituzionali con Sabino Cassese e Daria de Pretis

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-06

Giacomo Rugge, Valentina Volpe

International Law in Crisis: Russia's Struggle for Recognition

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-05

Christian Marxsen

Protecting EU Values - Reverse Solange and the Rule of Law Framework

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-04

Armin von Bogdandy, Carlino Antpöhler, Michael Ioannidis

Tierwohl als globales Gut: Regulierungsbedarf und -chancen

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-03

Anne Peters

From Public International to International Public Law: Translating World Public Opinion into International Public Authority

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-02

Armin von Bogdandy, Matthias Goldmann, Ingo Venzke

International Organizations: Effectiveness and Accountability

MPIL Research Paper Series No. 2016-01

Anne Peters