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Equal Opportunity

Gender equality in the Max-Planck-Society - Focus on equal opportunity

Talent, creativity and passion - those are the qualities the Max Planck Society relies on. The Society supports employees irrespective of their gender, nationality, religion, disabilities, age, cultural background or sexual identity. After all, the basis for the cutting-edge research conducted at over 80 Max Planck Institutes lies in diversity.

Our Institute aims for equal opportunities for all employees, and together we work on the frame conditions to promote and implement equal opportunity strategies.

Equal Opportunities Policy of the Max-Planck-Society (PDF)

Policy against sexualized Discrimination, Harassment and Violence

The Max Planck Society encourages the maxim of a non-discriminatory culture, in which the variety and diversity of employees are seen as an opportunity, and in which all are met with equal respect, and shown the same esteem.

As a successful research organization, we aim to protect all employees and guests against all forms of discrimination and consistently oppose any form of behaviour that violates our guidelines.


Gender Equality Officer:

Dr. Jannika Jahn



Deputy Gender Equality Officer:

PD Dr. Janne Mende