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Gender Equality Officer

The Gender Equality Officers perform their gender equality work on site and lobby in their respective location for gender justice and gender sensitivity.

s. Equal Opportunities Policy of the Max-Planck-Society (PDF)

What is the task area of the gender equality officer?

The gender equality officer contributes to all personnel, organizational and social measures concerning the equality of men and women, the reconciliation of work and family life and protection against sexual harassment at the working place.
(Policy Governing Equal Opportunities for Women and Men at the Max Planck Society, §11, Para. 1) 


Legal basis:

"Men and women have equal rights. The state promotes the actual implementation of equal rights of women and men and works towards the elimination of existing disadvantages."
(Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, Art. 3 Para. 2)


Who is the gender equality officer there for?

The gender equality officer is the contact persons for all Institute employees and all guests who

  • need information, support and help concerning equal opportunities
  • need support with asserting their rights
  • are interested in gender equality policy and want to get involved
  • want to establish contact with mentoring networks
  • have suggestions for improving equal opportunities at the Institute
  • experience discrimination

The officer has the right and the obligation to maintain confidentiality with regard to all information acquired. 

Gender Equality Plan MPIL

Valid until 31. December 2023

Gender Equality Plan MPIL (PDF, 346.9 KB)



Anna-Maria Raschkov

Gender Equality Officer 

Tel. +49 (0)6221 482-634

Room: 143